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At the beginning of 2024, SecsintheCity surveyed over 1,400 EAs, PAs, and other business support professionals to get the inside exclusive on salaries, bonuses and employee expectations. Findings reveal a dedicated audience with a breadth of experience, spanning a variety of roles and industries, from Banking / Finance to Technology and Private Individual / Family.

  • SecsintheCity 2024 Salary Survey Insights

    Despite financial pressure on employers in 2024, 60% of our audience received a pay rise this annum, with Private PAs topping the pay charts for the third year running. The industry also delivers on workers’ desire for flexibility, with 65% of respondents conducting a hybrid working schedule. Threatening to disrupt employees’ autonomy, it’s worth noting that 68% of participants stated a return-to-office ruling, as a dealbreaker in their current role.

    2024 presents a plethora of positives across the business support landscape, with amplified bonus levels and healthy wages across both job titles and industries. Get a full picture of the market with expert insights into inclusion, employee expectations and the multi-boss movement and find out if you’re due a pay rise.

    For more of our salary insights, read the full SecsintheCity 2024 report here, and benchmark your salary against the industry average for job title, sector and location.

    Alternatively, you can watch our video from the 2023 survey here:

  • Salaries by Job Title

    Respondents in Private PA jobs topped our pay table for the third year running, with average salaries rising to £56,848 - a 3% annual uptick. Following closely behind, those in EA jobs reported an average salary of £54,861 per annum - a 7% increase on last year’s figures.

    13 out of 15 job titles surveyed reported salary hikes in 2024, with Project Managers (up 17%), Concierge (up 38%), and Marketing Assistants (up 16%) all earning higher wages.

    The report showed that 60% of respondents received a pay rise in 2024, showing the demands of a candidate-driven market on employers. Our survey revealed over 63% of individuals in EA jobs and 64% of those in PA jobs received a salary boost. Respondents in Legal Secretary jobs also had a positive result with 62% getting a pay rise, bringing the average legal secretary salary up to £42,338.

    Salary by Job Title
  • Salaries by Tenure

    Equilibrium is restored to the pay charts this year in terms of salary and service, with enhanced pay correlating to years worked. New starters average a salary of £27,777, with those with 20+ experience acquiring an additional £20,000 (est).

    Our past two reports have favoured new starters over those with 1-3 years experience, with starting salaries peaking upon employment. This year, graduates fall back in line with lower-average earnings, obtaining an additional £4,774 with accrued experience. Peak earnings are awarded at the 10 year mark, with average income at a stand still from 20 years onwards.

  • The Stats by Sector

    Our audience come from an array of sectors, with almost a quarter of survey respondents (21%) working within Banking and Finance, retaining its top spot year-on-year. 10% of our respondents worked in Legal jobs, alongside 7% in Technology jobs.

    With a 50% uptick, the Private Individual/Family sector reports the greatest year-on-year growth. Our highest earning sector, Private jobs not only offers a strong salary, but a unique chance to work with high-net worth individuals or private households.

    Salary by Sector
  • Earnings by Location

    London jobs continue their growth in prosperity, with a 7% year-on-year uplift across the city, cementing its global status as a lucrative financial hub.

    Elsewhere across the UK, Wales (21% up) and the South West (24% up) present the strongest year-on-year growth, with those in Wales earning an average of £7,000 more this year than last.

    The South East (up 11%), and Scotland (up 4%) presented equally reassuring data, whilst certain regions reported a decline in pay - the Midlands (-16%), North West (-18%).

    Salary by Location
  • Hybrid Working

    Flexible working arrangements are certainly the norm for business support professionals in 2024 with 65% of respondents conducting a hybrid schedule.

    The breakdown of office-home days across our audience demonstrated:

     • 37% of respondents spent 1-2 days in the office
     • 44% conducted 3-4 working days in the office
     • 5% went onsite once or twice a month
     • 10% were working on a fully remote model

    Across the UK, London (66% hybrid) continues its lead with hybrid working opportunities, with the South West (64%) following suit.

    While 74% of EAs and 77% of Legal PAs enjoy the benefits of hybrid working, it’s Project Managers (81%) who exemplify the definition of working on a hybrid / remote basis.

    Flexibility has certainly become a customary part of our working lives. Yet, while certain employees continue to demand fluidity over their work schedule, many employers are advocating a ‘return to office’ scheme, enacting stricter policies on how many days employees are obligated to be in the office. When asked ‘would a return to the office policy be a deal breaker for you in your current role?’, 68% of respondents answered: yes.

  • The Multi-boss Movement

    Those supporting more than three professionals continue to earn the lowest wage, with the 48% of our audience working for multiple managers taking home an average of £6,000 less than the 21% who support a single executive.

    Nevertheless, the salary story for multi-boss professionals is not completely substandard, with employees’ presented with an augmented salary of £44,471 - an 8% uplift on 2023 statistics.

    The truly affluent salaries are awarded to those supporting C-suite executives - presented with a salary of £54,728 a year, they are once again, our highest earners.

    Salary by people supported
  • Bonuses by Job Title and Sector

    Over half of our audience received a bonus in 2024. An impressive 32% took home an additional 10%+ of their paycheck, with Executive Assistants leading the race for bonus payments.

    In line with inflated pay and increased flexibility, those in Events (74%) were most likely to acquire an additional sum.Legal PAs and Secretaries report earnings in the same vein, with 62% pocketing a bonus.

2023 Salary Survey