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Setting us apart from other recruiters in the field, our founder and CEO, Janette Chester, has long-standing, first-hand experience of the Executive Assistant world.

Having begun her own career as an EA within global firms in South Africa and London, Janette went on to lead the EA support for a multibillion-dollar global management consultancy, with a focus on establishing the right fit between EA and executive.

Over the course of her career, Janette has recruited, developed and led over a thousand Executive Assistants, working with leaders across every sector.

Unlike a recruitment agency, most of our candidates come to us through referral or from carrying out an extensive search based on our clients’ individual needs. From time to time we will also advertise our roles. By the time we contact you, we already know exactly what we are looking for.

We then work closely with you through a thorough interview process to quickly establish talent and fit. We meet all our candidates in person. Not only are we establishing best-fit for our client, but we will also spend time with you to understand your career goals and discuss ways in which you can reach your full potential.

As we work together, you will find that every one of the Chester&Aldgate team is available to support and guide you through the interviews, the appointment and beyond.


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