Cahoot Recruitment Ltd is Victoria Coghlan, Sam Gillespie, Jessica Large and Liza Brearley.

What do we do?

We exist to find a job for anyone looking for a secretarial or support staff role such as:


Conversely, if you are a company looking to recruit, we can find you any of these people.  In addition we can use our expertise to find you the people that may not fit into any of these boxes; we’re particularly good at that.

Are we any different?

Not so much; we are recruitment consultants, not rocket scientists, after all.  However, it has been said that we do it better than anyone else in our field.

Cahoot Recruitment may not have reinvented the recruitment wheel but it does aim to be clever.  We believe there is still a place for intelligent, insightful and expertly intuitive support staff recruiters in London.

Working with us

Whether you are looking for a job or looking for an employee, you are equally valuable to us.  The one cannot function without the other and we see no need to prioritise.

Finding the right job or the right employee takes time, effort, courage and commitment.  In setting up the procedures of Cahoot Recruitment our aim was to minimise the time and effort required of you and enhance the courage and commitment with the addition of our own.

We work hard to make sure we find the right solutions for people.

We appreciate how impractical it can be to take hours out of your working day to register with an agency or brief a consultant with your vacancy.  We need to meet you because not even the cleverest technology can form a first impression or uncover hidden motivations.  However, we see no reason for it to be a lengthy or tortuous process.

We’re keen to show off our swanky Kings Cross offices but we are equally happy to use our established network of private meeting places across London if that suits you better.  The rest of the process is not time sensitive or location sensitive and can happen outside hours using the technology that is available to most of us now.


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