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  • The Art of Concentration

    • 23 Jun 2021
    • ILSPA

    In their latest guest post for the SecsintheCity blog, the Institute of Legal Secretaries and PAs provides top tips and expert advice on how to stay concentrated on your workload.

  • Setting and Maintaining Healthy Home Working Boundaries

    • 28 May 2021
    • Suzy Sanders

    In her latest guest post for SecsintheCity, Suzy Sanders, Founder of Alchemy Virtual Assistance, reveals her secrets for setting and maintaining healthy home working boundaries.

  • Free online courses for PAs, EAs and Office Support Professionals

    • 30 Apr 2021

    We remain as passionate and dedicated as ever regarding your personal and professional development, so decided to task ourselves with finding some of the best free online courses currently available for PAs, EAs and other office support professionals.

  • What is it like to job hunt with Joss Search & SecsintheCity?

    • 19 Mar 2021
    • Joss Search

    What's it like to use SecsintheCity and specialist recruitment consultancy Joss Search in your job hunt? Find out in this insightful interview with a recently placed candidate!

  • Self-Employed as a Virtual Assistant - Is It for Me?

    • 24 Feb 2021
    • Suzy Sanders of Alchemy VA

    In this guest post, Alchemy VA founder Suzy Sanders reveals what it really takes to become a self-employed Virtual Assistant.

  • The Big Ideas Shaping the Business Support Profession in 2021

    • 28 Jan 2021
    • Ethan Cumming

    At the hopeful dawn of a new year, we reached out to trusted recruitment consultancy clients and industry experts to find out about the big ideas and trends set to shape the business support profession in 2021.

  • Going Virtual: An Interview with Alchemy VA’s Suzy Sanders

    • 26 Jan 2021
    • Ethan Cumming

    In 2016, driven by desire for more fulfilment, flexibility and freedom, Suzy Sanders founded Alchemy VA. We caught up with Suzy to find out more about the challenges and benefits of starting a virtual assistance business.

  • Life as a PA in 2020

    • 15 Oct 2020
    • Ethan Cumming

    We spoke with industry leading experts and members of the SecsintheCity community to find out about life as a PA in 2020 and what the future holds for the role.

  • Can office support professionals work from home?

    • 29 Sep 2020
    • Ethan Cumming

    We asked you to tell us about all the challenges and benefits of working from home during the pandemic. Here's what you had to say.

  • How to get hired during COVID-19

    • 10 Sep 2020

    As the number of vacancies on site grows and confidence in the job market begins to improve, we’ve put together this handy list of advice and tips to help you get hired during COVID-19.

  • How to ace your next video interview

    • 28 Jul 2020

    With a growing number of employers meeting candidates via video conferencing apps, we thought it would be useful to provide some tips on how to ace your next video interview.

  • The Benefits of Mentoring

    • 2 Jul 2020

    Many office support professionals in the early stages of their careers are actively seeking mentors to help them develop and advance in the world of work. Find out about the benefits of mentoring in this article.

  • 5 ways to network when you’re working from home

    • 12 May 2020

    A professional network is a powerful tool in the arsenal of any PA or EA, and there’s no reason why yours should be put on hold while working remotely. Enhance your career prospects with these 5 ways to network when you're working from home.

  • Working from home advice from VA business owner Jennifer Williams

    • 4 May 2020

    For the latest in our series of working from home focused interviews, Virtual Assistant business owner Jennifer Williams gave us insights into the life of a full-time VA and provided expert advice for the PAs and EAs currently working remotely.

  • Starting a new job remotely: An interview with EA Gina Haynes

    • 30 Apr 2020
    • Ethan Cumming

    We recently spoke with experienced EA Gina Haynes who shared details about her experience of starting a new job remotely and offered advice for on-boarding while working from home.

  • Volunteering from home opportunities for PAs and EAs

    • 28 Apr 2020

    Some of the time freed up by working from home could be used to benefit those less fortunate than yourself or in need of help. We researched some of the best volunteering from home opportunities for PAs and EAs to get you started.

  • Working from home tips with Virtual Assistant business owner Terri Leary

    • 27 Apr 2020

    Experienced EA, Office Manager and Virtual Assistant business owner Terri Leary recently took the time to chat with us about her career so far, offering some great advice for PAs and EAs currently working from home.

  • The challenges and benefits of working from home as an EA

    • 23 Apr 2020

    We recently had the pleasure of speaking with experienced EA Sally Killington about the challenges and benefits of working from home for an extended period for the first time.

  • Working from home advice from Virtual Assistant Sheena Russell

    • 20 Apr 2020

    Sheena Russell, a highly experienced Executive PA who runs her own virtual assistant business, shares working from home advice and insights gained from her experience of assisting clients remotely.

  • Hollie Dixon

    Working from home tips from a VA turned PA

    • 15 Apr 2020
    • Ethan Cumming

    C-suite level Personal Assistant Hollie Dixon recently took the time out of her day to discuss her experience of working as a Virtual Assistant and offer some invaluable advice for working from home.