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  • How to Write a Standout CV for a Role as a Private PA
    A good CV can land you that first step towards your next career. If you want yours to stand out from the crowd, make sure you include the following things.
  • When applying for a new job, it is crucial that candidates take advantage of every opportunity available to them in order to show their value to the prospective employer. Writing an effective covering letter is an essential part of this process.
  • Find out whether you have the employability skills required for a particular career
  • Find out how to make your CV stand out from other candidates.
  • We’ve collected our most frequently asked questions to help guide you through successfully searching and apply for jobs.
  • With 1 million new active social users every day, approximately 12 each second, social media is not something you can easily avoid. It is a large part of our personal lives, but more importantly has now become a significant part of our working lives.
  • As the candidate, you must make sure that you are registered with the right recruitment agency for you. But how do you ensure that you have chosen well? Bain and Gray explain..
  • If you are interested in working within the legal sector, starting off as a Legal Secretary or Legal PA is the perfect way to get your foot in the door.
  • Eleanor Sharpe - Senior PA at Ofgem and PA of the Year Award 2015 finalist - reflects on her experience mentoring through Career Ready.   
  • Bain and Gray highly encourage students to consider work experience prior to searching for their first permanent role.
  • Dressing professionally can be a minefield. Not only do you have to dress to reflect the company, the dress code (if you have one), and your boss (particularly if you meet and greet regularly), but you also have to find something that is comfortable, wearable, that fits your body shape AND that y...
  • When people talk about work and life balance, do you think ‘yes please’? So- let’s get you some.
  • The terms Personal and Executive Assistant are often used confusingly, and interchangeably.
  • Some people are apprehensive when you mention Work Experience. However, gaining experience could be the best step to take towards getting that perfect role.
  • Work experience can come in many different forms. Whether you’re completing a week-long, 6 months or year in industry, there are a variety of benefits of doing so.
  • Banking & Finance is one of the most sought after industries for PAs working in the City.Tiger Recruitment had a brief chat with a PA who has been working in the industry for 8 years.
  • Many people are under the impression that being a leader is about having “Manager” or “Director” within their job title, but the skills involved in great leadership also make you a great employee and a role model within your company and will ultimately lead to career progression if you apply them...
  • ‘How can I become a celebrity PA?” This is a question we’re asked ALL THE TIME. It’s a career goal for many assistants. The perception of the role is that of a glamorous, exciting, fast-paced ‘lifestyle’ job, with automatic access into a world of opportunity and luxury. The reality is often very ...
  • A ‘Celebrity PA’ role is a desired career path by many candidates. Although it may seem like a dream role, is it the right job for you?
  • Business networking is one of the most important tools to use throughout your career. “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” could not be more accurate and networking is the best way to make this work for you.