Communicator's Top 5 Tips for managing your inbox

Published on: 6 Aug 2015
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Busy EAs, PAs, Secretaries and Administrators can often receive hundreds of emails each day. With email communication the second most common communication tool after the telephone, it's important to organise your inbox effectively.

1. Archive

Set up folders in your inbox and file emails away once you've actioned them. Archiving is an effective way to keep all your regular correspondence on file and organising your emails into set folders makes documents much easier to find when you need them.

2. Use Flags

Start flagging all emails that need to be actioned. You can set your flags to remind you to follow up the task the next day or later in the week/month, and all your flagged items will be automatically listed in your Task bar so that you can prioritise your workload effectively.

3. Organise your Calendar

Use the calendar on your inbox to schedule your work deadlines, in addition to adding in work meetings and appointments. Colour code your calendar to reflect the task at hand eg. Green for Internal Meetings, blue for External Meetings, red for Work Deadlines and so on. Share your calendar with colleagues and ask for theirs to be shared with you so that you're one step ahead with organising team meetings.

4. Out of Office Assistant

Ensure you have an effective Out of Office message that will direct people to the right person in your absence. Don't be afraid to put an out of office on when you're busy but don't forget that, just because it's switched on, it doesn't mean people will stop sending you emails!

5. Save Contact Lists

Save email addresses of regular contacts in your address book to make it quicker and easier when you next need to get in contact with them. Group contacts together if they belong to the same organisation and add contact telephone numbers and reminders to their contact form for you to use at your disposal. 

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