The Secret PA: Too late to say Happy New Year?

Published on: 5 Feb 2021

The Secret PA

I think not – HAPPY NEW YEAR! And what a start to the year it’s been! We have much to catch up on.

2020 ended in true 2020 fashion. Strangely. I was one of the people caught in London after the introduction of Tier 4, but as my housemate had earlier left the city, I was a single person household, and able to form a bubble with my best friend’s household – all of whom had also been caught by the restriction. We had a wonderful Christmas Day, full of eating, drinking and being merry, but of course I missed my family and the cold countryside air enormously. There’s always next year (fingers crossed at least)! I spent New Year’s Eve with the same people, who have formed my bubble for the past month whilst my housemate’s still away.

Whilst living alone isn’t something I ever thought I’d like as such a people-person, I have to say it has had its perks. My productivity has gone through the roof as I’ve now absolutely no distractions, and every free hour has just been filled with long walks and – you guessed it – roller skating sessions! I’ve barely been watching much television (except Bridgerton, of course!), and have once again picked up the books.

It’s a good thing my productivity has sky-rocketed quite so much, as work has been absolutely ridiculous. As this was my first Christmas as a Private PA, I wasn’t sure what exactly to expect. As I wrote about last time, I was responsible for the sourcing of some very special gifts – you’ll be pleased to hear (as I was) that the Guinness dressing gown went down a treat! As I wasn’t able to get home to be with my family, I only took a few days off, and I’m glad of it. Although I organised various family and friend Zoom calls for my boss’s family, largely the quieter hours during the day meant I was able to get admin sorted, like organising various schedules for the new year as well as managing my own files to ensure a clean state for the start of 2021.

I’m glad I had this time, as January left not one second for admin. The new year brought with it new challenges. We’ve been sending out new working from home equipment to all staff, as around this time there would normally have been an office equipment update. The organisation of this has been intense – gathering everyone’s addresses, ensuring everything was delivered and set up accordingly. I’ve become very chummy with our IT team over this past month!

Oh another call coming through, guess that’s about all I have time for now…

Speak soon!

Xx C