The upside of Interim: why work as an Interim PA?

Written by: Claire Liddiard, Tay Associates
Published on: 21 Aug 2014

Claire Liddiard graduated from Goldsmiths College, University of London with a BA Hons in English and Creative Writing. Since then Claire has trained as a Permanent Consultant at Tay Associates, fifth time winner of HITCs Recruiter and the Year Award and third time sponsor of SecsintheCity PA of the Year Awards

Long gone are the days of being ‘just a temp’. Having a ‘flexible workforce’ has enabled many industries and corporate businesses to make key strategic decisions and implement change in uncertain markets.  As well as enabling people to find work quickly, working as an interim PA is a career choice that offers a number of benefits that impact on longer term career options. 

The most obvious attraction of working as an interim PA is that it gives you access to a number of different industries and work environments. Given how transferable PA skills are, it affords candidates mobility in their career and importantly, a chance to explore new avenues and know what options are available in your longer term career.  It also develops and fine tunes incredibly valuable skills for a PA – particularly around change; where systems, structures, environments and characters can vary immensely.  Adapting to these changes increases confidence, improves communication skills and is a valuable training ground for being able to hit the ground running in any business. 

In our most recent Market Update Report, we are happy to report that almost half of employers (46%) plan to increase agency worker use and four fifths of employers (81%) plan to increase permanent hires. We are excited about the market being so busy again and being an Interim PA gives you the capability to explore the market and find out where your skills and personality lie. 

Associates Director and Temporary Consultant, Kat Martyn says; ‘For whatever reason you’re an interim PA, if your circumstances change and you find the role is the one you want to commit to permanently, as the permanent market is so buoyant, we are noticing a rise in temp to perm conversions.' 

One of the other fantastic benefits of being an interim PA is the opportunity for people travelling on working holiday visas. Kat says; 'if you're travelling to London but still want to forward your career working for well established brands and names, an interim PA role is ideal. The roles can vary in length, anything up to two years.' 

If you're unsure of what your future holds, want to expand your cv or simply aren't ready to commit to a permanent role just yet, consider becoming an interim PA. The market is ready, you just need to find your next challenge.