The Secret PA: WFH

Published on: 6 Apr 2020

The Secret PA

Hi all, writing from my working from home set up! I have to admit, it was quite difficult to get to grips with initially, but I’m really beginning to fall into a good rhythm now. First of all the desk situation. Now I’m not sure about any of you, but I originally thought I may be ok working on my laptop from the comfort of my sofa, perhaps the dining room table if it really came to it; everything can be managed from the one device, and who was to say how long this was going to last? Well, that fancy was quickly laid to rest – by the end of day 2, my lower back was starting to go, and to be honest I was getting tired of having just the one space as my working and leisure area. I’d luckily kept my old desk from university (an IKEA purchase that handily folded back down flat so hasn’t been taking up too much space), so brought that out to create my own home-office, and it’s been perfect!

My initial concerns about the ease of transitioning my role into a WFH position have, thankfully, been allayed. As I’m sure many of you have found, the onset of Corona has also brought with it an absolute boom in video chat software and applications, which has been an absolute God-send for me. As someone who really thrives off human interaction, I was so concerned I’d be starved, but the ability to call someone from my laptop and have a face there straight away has been marvellous – we even managed to have a company wide meeting which was fantastic!

As for me outside of work – I won’t lie to you, it’s been a struggle. I didn’t realise quite how much not only my friends, but the new people I’d constantly meet by being out and about all the time, had impacted my recovery from the whole break-up/best friend moving away situation. Although I’m trying not to dwell on it, my mind does wander back to times gone by, not helped by the sheer amount of couples I see when out on my one form of exercise!

Some positives though! The best thing that has come out of this so far is undoubtedly my bakes – who knew I had it in me? Banana bread, carrot cake, flapjacks, double-layered brownies, the lot. Luckily I know the other people in my block of flats, so have been leaving little care packages for them – if I’d ploughed through the lot myself, I’m not sure I’d fit through the office door come June (or whenever we go back to normality).

Yesterday I also discovered my old roller skates… watch this space to see how that pans out!

Hopefully I’ll have a little more gossip for you next time!

Stay safe,

Xx C