The Secret PA: Video Call Extravanganza

Published on: 21 May 2020

The Secret PA


So sorry for my prolonged absence – I know I’d promised more regular updates, but events took a surprising turn and I’ve been swept up in all manner of online planning commitments I didn’t foresee taking up quite as much time as they do.

I’m sure you’ve all been desperate to hear how Jacob’s son, Luke’s, birthday party went! Well, after some initial struggle with WiFi connections meaning not all of the children could hear the music for our virtual ‘pass the parcel’ game, it was a storming success! The cupcakes were delivered successfully, all the kids managed to use the software and upload the fun superhero backgrounds I’d sent through beforehand, and, most importantly, Luke had an absolute blast! Although for me the success of a well-planned event or meeting etc. is reward enough, I received through the post a week or so after the party a thank you note from Luke, complete with a picture of him and the family in their costumes, with the little cakes I had ordered. To say it warmed my socially-distanced heart would be an understatement – I’m not ashamed to say that a few tears slipped out!

Work-wise, it’s been hectic. At very short notice, Jacob’s cancelled business trip to Florida all got moved online. What was supposed to be a week-long trip filled with conferences, seminars and networking events, became a series of video calls, conference calls, and online discussions. This involved a tonne of scheduling on my side of things, making sure all the technology was set up for Jacob to be properly involved. He was even scheduled to lead a discussion, which meant I had to send out all the online invitations and preparation documents, make sure the presentation was ready for sharing etc.

As I’m sure half the world has also discovered, I feel like I’m a full expert in absolutely all of the video calling apps! I wonder how much this is going to change how we all work once things begin returning to how they were pre COVID.

Ah my phone’s just started buzzing again so I better dash off – will give you a full personal update next time, let you know what else I’ve been getting up to outside of work!

Speak soon,

Xx C