The Secret PA: Update Time

Published on: 21 Oct 2020

The Secret PA

Hello my lovelies!

Apologies for my short period of absence after saying I’d be more regular from now on – everything’s so unpredictable these days, hey?

I’ve had to be away from my role for a few weeks due to family issues. My grandmother has been unwell, and my brother (who is able to easily work remotely from anywhere – he spent much of lockdown in the south of France!) was supposed to be coming down to care for her. Unfortunately, he’s now back up in the North of England, and so has been subject to quite a serious local lockdown meaning he couldn’t risk the trip down to London. As I’m currently the only other family member in the Big Smoke, I asked for some time off to take care of my grandma, and I’m very glad I did. You’ll be pleased to hear she’s very much back on the mend, thankfully!

Anyway, now I’m back to work and it’s all change. It’s clear to see that my boss has been struggling without me. Now, I never feel underappreciated in my role, and I love what I do, but why is it that people never realise what they have until it’s taken away from them?! On my first day back I was inundated with requests for Zoom tutorials (following the scheduling successes I shared with you over summer), had about 1 million emails to get through (despite trying to stay on top of them whilst I was away), and had my own catch-ups timetabled with members of the team. It’s been a busy old time!

Whilst I was away, what my boss realised he needed was some kind of formal social media strategy. As he knows I’m very much into this kind of thing – I do take quite pride in my Insta aesthetic – he asked if I could get involved. This is super exciting for me, as I truly believe that social media is going to be a main player in all aspects of business as we move forward. I’ll keep you updated in the next few months with how that’s going.

Well I think those are the major work updates for you. My birthday is coming up soon so hopefully I’ll have some juicy stories from that – well, as juicy as they can be, being back with just my household or over Zoom!

Speak soon,

Xx C