The Secret PA : Postcard from Vancouver

Published on: 22 Aug 2013

Now I know why my friend has no immediate plans to return to the UK…or more specifically the big smoke!

Vancouver is a lovely city with the best of everything and really a bit of everything here. We’ve been shopping at the malls (so much cheaper than London – really glad I bought a new suitcase for the trip!), hiking, having girly nights in, picnicking, kayaking, clubbing and we even went for a walkabout China Town and to this ice cream parlour with 500 flavours, some that you wouldn’t expect to even be ice cream flavours (really need more of those in London!!).

We’ve done a fair bit of out door stuff at the National Parks but aside from the face to face encounter with the racoon and the near face to face experience with a grizzly bear when I went to take out the rubbish (apparently it was only a baby bear) I have enjoyed the wilderness dwellers from a safe distance.

My friend however has had the opportunity to treat herself to eye candy at a less safe distance. She works in media and apparently a lot of blockbusters that aren’t filmed in Hollywood get filmed here so she’s had a few lucky sightings over the last year. She’s also connected me with a few ‘useful connections’. I know I’m on holiday but hey, you never know when you might need that contact. 

Next stop: Victoria, Vancouver Island... and maybe Okanagan?