The Secret PA: Postcard from Mykonos

Published on: 1 Aug 2012

I could live here forever – or at least until I am all partied out ;

Morning rituals: wake up late-ish, indulge in tropical fruit breakfasts, lie by the pool wondering why every woman - aside from us – is reading Fifty shades of Grey.

Afternoon: sunbathing, sipping Margherita. Plenty of eye candy – real treat for the single girl

Late afternoon: spa treatments, gossip, detox tea of some form

Night: party at a new club until 4am

#mykonos  #beach  #clubbing 

Thinking of you x

P.S. Hope it’s not too crazy there for you with the Olympics. Not thinking of London or work (ok, I did watch a bit of the opening ceremony but only because they were screening it at the hotel bar!)