The Secret PA plans a romantic getaway

Published: 26 Jun 2015 By The Secret PA

Venice Skyline

I went to Venice on a school trip several years ago and remember being in awe of its quaint, cobbled streets, man-powered water traffic and delicious carb-rich dishes. After nearly two weeks of planning a romantic getaway there for my boss, Curly Scarecrow, and his girlfriend-of-five-months Whizz Girl, I don’t feel a particular urge to revisit anytime soon.

I promised you that I would divulge all the love-sickening details of the golden couples’ romantic break - and I’m a woman of my word. Here are some of the main holiday highlights that I’ve planned:

  • Chauffeur to collect them at 11am from home for their first leg of travel. Champagne lunch to be served in a private lounge in the airport before flight. Business class travel, of course.
  • Personal tour guide will be waiting at Marco Polo airport for their arrival to escort them to their private water taxi which will whisk them onto their hotel.
  • 5* exclusive suite with VIP round the clock service booked, with balcony views of San Giorgio Island and St Mark’s for good measure.
  • Private water tour of Venice in gondola (with champagne and strawberries).
  • Exclusive tours of Doge’s Palace, the Basilica and San Giorgio booked.
  • Michelin star restaurant booked for lunch in Verona on their last day, followed by tickets to La Fenice, Venice’s most famous opera house.

And there it is – another mini-break planned and booked for my boss! I must admit, I do quite enjoy planning some else’s holiday. There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing someone is enjoying something that you’ve put together (unless, of course, you’re M.D Underwood. In which case you’ll find nothing wrong with calling your devoted PA at midnight to moan about the dinner reservation she had booked being ‘under par’...).

Anyone else planning a holiday for their boss? Where are you sending them? 

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