The Secret PA: New Year, now a New Me

Published on: 30 Jan 2020

The Secret PA

Ok, where was I? Patty had just sent me a message telling me not to bother coming into work, the day after I handed in my notice – and I was going to ignore this, obviously.

Admittedly, I was apprehensive heading to the office that Wednesday morning, but I knew it was the right thing to do. I got in early, as I knew it would just be Patty and me in the office for a while, giving us chance to have a chat. I went over to Patty’s desk straight away, and though she was frosty at first, she soon broke down the barriers and told me the real reason she’d acted the way she had – she couldn’t deal with the idea that she’s losing another person that she loves from her life.

I get it, of course I do. I reassured her that she absolutely wasn’t losing me – over the course of our working relationship, we had developed a real friendship, and that wasn’t about to end. Notice period firmly back in place, I promised Patty I’d help find her a fabulous new me!

Having spoken to the recruitment team, we placed an advert on SecsintheCity and quickly had a flurry of applications. I sat with our Head of Recruitment, Millie, for a full morning, scouring through the CVs. Out of the strong bunch, we chose just 4 for the initial interview, as we didn’t want to be overloaded so early on.

Whilst they were all fantastic in their own ways, our fourth interviewee stood out to me the most. Not only did he have strong experience in the fashion industry (crucial to hit the ground running in the way Patty needs), but I knew his quit wit and sharp sense of humour would appeal to Patty in a way that the previous 3 candidates wouldn’t quite. Although we interviewed two further candidates (just to make sure), I couldn’t shake the thought that we’d already found The One.

His name is Billy. I quickly got him in front of Patty and, sure enough, she loved him! Luckily, he had a reduced notice period down to 2 weeks, and would be able to start with a couple of days overlap so I could guide him through the ropes.

Now this has all been sorted, I’m so very excited to start my own new role! I have a week off in between leaving Patty and starting with my new Principal, and though I’m not yet sure what I’m going to do with it, I can’t wait to find out.

Until next time,

C Xx