The Secret PA: New Year New... Job!

Published on: 16 Jan 2020

The Secret PAHappy New Year everyone!

Crikey, so much to fill you in on.

I’ll start with the fun stuff – Christmas was wonderful. Though it was my first Christmas without my ex for a loooong time, I went back up to Yorkshire to stay with my family, and the long, frosty walks, roaring log fires and mountains and mountains of food soon brought back all my festive cheer.

New Year was also great fun, I came back down to London and had a wild time at a friend’s party. She threw the most lavish soiree, much velvet and glitter!

Anyway, I’m sure you’re all wondering about what happened with Patty when I handed my notice in. I sure was, before it happened. So here goes.

It was a Tuesday evening back in mid-December – cold, dark, damp: classic London. I’d just spent the afternoon going through the photos from the office Christmas party, filtering out the pictures of Finance Joe dancing all over Legal Tess, you know the deal. Everyone had left the office bar myself, Patty and a couple of people in Marketing.

I went over to where Patty was finishing up the evening’s work, and asked if she had a moment for a word. She was immediately on her guard, I could tell.

Once in a private room, I told her what was going on, and talked her through my reasons. She said nothing. We sat there for a moment – me, feeling awkward and to be honest pretty confused; Patty – just sitting blankly. For the first time, I couldn’t read her. Suddenly, Patty stood up and left the room. I sat there for a while, then when I realised she wasn’t coming back, took that as my cue to leave.

At about 9pm that evening, I received a message from Patty telling me not to bother coming into the office tomorrow, despite my 4 week notice. Apparently, if I was going to ditch her, what would 4 weeks’ difference make? Of course, I rang her straight away, but was sent straight to voicemail. I left her a message saying I’d be in first thing in the morning, and left it at that.

The rest, I’ll have to fill you in on later – duty calls! Sorry to leave you on such a cliff-hanger…

Until next time Xx C