The Secret PA needs some gift inspiration

Written by: Secret PA
Published on: 10 Jul 2015

Gift Inspiration  [square]I need some major gift inspiration, guys! As I mentioned last week, my sister landed back in the UK last month after 8 months of travelling the globe and 'finding herself' (or whatever it is graduates do post-university these days!) – just in time for her 21st birthday. Don't get me wrong, I'm absolutely thrilled that she's home safe and sound after having an amazing time away, but her timings have put me in a bit of a predicament...

What on earth do you get the birthday girl who's just returned from 8 months of seeing the world? She's seen amazing cultures, tasted goodness knows how many international cuisines, bought enough trinkets home to fill her new mini studio flat in Balham…honestly, I can't think of anything else she would need right now!

Any ideas? I'm thinking of sticking to the travel theme, so maybe something to organise her travel snaps and memories? It has to be special though; it's not every day you turn 21!

Must rush! I'm off to the Mens Semi-Final at Wimbledon tomorrow (writing this on Thursday evening in a panic!) and am yet to find a suitable outfit for meeting my Mr. Right (pffft a girl can dream).