The Secret PA needs a summer wardrobe...

Written by: The Secret PA
Published on: 18 Jun 2015

I'll be honest, with the way London's weather has been behaving  I was a little concerned I'd be wearing last seasons' Burberry trench coat until it needed to be surgically removed. Instead, I've been faced with a different dilemma this week: I have nothing appropriate to wear in this weather. Nothing. Sure it was a great idea having my usual seasonal clear out last autumn, but now I'm tottering around Mayfair as a walking grey palette - complete with heavy cottons and scuffed brogues.

dresssecretpa [square]So the question is, when does an incredibly busy PA – with two highly demanding bosses – find the time to shop? Seriously, at the moment if I'm not booking 'Sweethearts Retreats' (yuck), I'm organising my two interns (who, by the way, have apparently found just the right amount of time to get their summer wardrobes up together and are doing a great job of showing me up in the outfit stakes) and dealing with an irate M.D Underwood.

Any good online retailers guys? Not sure I can work Khaki colours and 'Hippie-Chic' in the office, but I'm definitely willing to work the nautical and denim looks currently in season. Saying that, who am I trying to fool? I'm usually so rushed running around after my bosses, that I'll bet I end up throwing whatever I can find on and claiming I'm rocking Gaultier and Versace's Spring/Summer '15 'mix and match' trend.

coathangersecretpa [square]Anyway, I must go. I need to get the boardroom prepared for Underwood's 3 'o clock appointment and last time I had the intern do it she forgot the coffee (of all the things to forget..). I'm finalising Scarecrow and Whizz Girl's romantic getaway as we speak, so I'll let you know all the sickening details next week. Let's just say it involves gondolas, spaghetti and vino.