The Secret PA makes a tough decision

Written by: Secret PA
Published on: 3 Nov 2015

Secret PA Engagement Ring [square]Hello, me again!

Yet again I find myself apologising for taking so long to write my next blog post. With London Fashion Week, an engagement party to organise and a lot of thinking to do, the days seem to have run away from me!

Anyway, about that engagement party – would you believe that it's next week already? I must say it's actually been more enjoyable than I first imagined. Planning a party for a good friend, despite the awkward fact that she's marrying my boss, has been one of the most enjoyable (and surprisingly easy) event tasks I've had to do in a while. I think it's probably because I already know what both her and Curly like and dislike, so the logistics have been quite simple to pop into place. The only real dramas have come from the guest list – a great proportion of Curly's family live on different continents, so I have spent more time planning many different travel itineraries than I have picking cupcakes and venues.

I've decided I'll be handing in my notice before Christmas for my job with Curly. It's all come at the right time, as there's redundancies going on at my full-time job with M.D Underwood, and I'll soon be losing 2 of my Team PAs to these cuts. With my workload bound to get busier with Underwood, it's the perfect excuse to cut ties with Curly before I become both his and my best friend's PA! No doubt I'll be posting my job on SITC for a new PA to take on once I'm gone!

Anyway, I'll let you know how the engagement party goes. I'm pretty nervous to be honest, after all, there is a guest list of 150 people!!

Speak next time.