The Secret PA: Holiday run down

Published on: 29 Aug 2012

What can I say aside from perfect? 1 week with my girlfriends and 1 week with Banker Guy. I couldn’t have asked for more. I have to say I was very surprised. Banker guy planned the whole week there and I didn’t know until I had booked my week off but luckily I had enough time to get my holiday signed off – and the trick is to find the boss in a good mood when asking for something you aren’t sure how they’re going to react to.

Mykonos was great. There was lots of eye candy but for the first time in years I wasn’t the only single one in the group in a sense. We used to joke about me being ‘the last single girl’, except I’m not 40, haven’t been stood up at the altar and I’m no Carrie Bradshaw. We did have a strange set of coincidences revealed over the holiday though….

My friend Jess just got engaged and she wants us all to be bridesmaids. We were really happy for her…. But we did also say “Finally” because she has been with her boyfriend for 5 years so that wasn’t a surprise. The real shocker was the rock. It really was massive without being ugly, it was wow.

And then there was Mia, PA to a Lawyer and she’s organising her boss’s second wedding – she does have the help of a wedding planner though. Nonetheless I know she will be getting a bit stressed. We had a no work talk rule as we always do on holiday so we did all really unwind.

Phase two of the holiday was just as brilliant. I had a day’s break and then the morning we were flying to the Maldives Banker Guy came to pick me up to go to the airport and he brought me a pink rose that perfectly matched my nail varnish. The flight felt too long though, barely 24 hours since I’d left a beach and I was already having withdrawal symptoms but it was one of the easiest flights I’ve had because Banker Guy is really funny.

The Maldives was even prettier than in the pictures – I fell in love with it as soon as we touched down at Male airport. Mia is planning to talk to her boss’s fiance about picking it as the honeymoon spot. Her boss is quite like Scarlet, pretty high strung but then I’ve heard that working as a Lawyer in a Private Practice is quite stressful and the hours can be insane, even inhuman at times because it’s so competitive and it’s still rather heavily male dominated.

We did a lot of water sports in the Maldives: diving; sea kayaking and we even took a course in catamaran sailing. We even went diving to this old ship wreck which was pretty cool. The hotel was lovely and we had a villa out in the lagoon so we could snorkel just below it. We also went on a dolphin watching trip and then there were the coupley bits like the sunset champagne cruise, the candlelight dinner on the beach, private candlelight dining on our patio and a private island picnic.

What next with Banker Guy? Not sure yet because at the moment my career is still my main priority as is his and it hasn’t been that long…..but who knows ;)