The Secret PA: Dealing with the Fallout

Published on: 17 Oct 2019

The Secret PA

It’s been a hectic week, but I’ll pick up where I left off. If you remember, Shaz had just broken up with Patty…

Now, many things went through my head – WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT NOT NOW WHY WHY OH GOD (amongst other things, not suitable for publication) – but after careful consideration, I simply asked ‘How is she?’

‘As you’d imagine,’ came the reply.

I called Patty. She was crying. No, not crying, SOBBING. WAILING. It was heart-wrenching just being on the other side of the phone, if I’m honest. After trying to get something out of her for at least a solid minute of phone time, I told her I’d be at her house in 15 with Haagen-Dazs and a big box of Kleenex.

These are the times people don’t tell you about when you’re starting out as a PA. It’s all DTE. Diary, Travel, Emails. As I’m sure you’ll all agree, whilst these may be the fundamentals, they barely scratch the surface of what the job truly entails. Tuesday evening trips to your boss’s place with ice-cream and a man-size box of tissues doesn’t exactly scream ‘put me in a job description!’

Of a usual Tuesday evening in my new normal life, this wouldn’t be an issue – I’d have to skip Legs, Bums and Tums, but that’s hell anyway. But this week! This one week I’d finally decided to get myself together! I had three (THREE) interviews to prepare for, and I could hardly tell Patty that, especially now!

As much as I want to tell you more (read: rant), I fear I’m running out of both space and time (again). So, in summary:

  • Patty cried solidly for 48 hours, then pulled herself together, after some firm but fair words from her favourite PA, and only spent the evenings with the ice-cream tub
  • My new potential employers are very understanding – I explained there had been a ‘professional emergency’ which meant I would have to delay to next week, which they responded to excellently (bodes well..!)
  • I spent every evening on Patty’s sofa with her and the ice cream, watching a LOT of Kirsty and Phil (no plot line = no love to get sad over)

So I have three interviews next week, and I am determined not to let the events of this week affect them. Oh, but I do feel torn. The role of a PA is, of course, professional, but it does transcend into the personal, and I feel like Patty needs me more than ever; my own experience is fresh enough in my mind to know that.

I still have to go. I’ll just see how they play out. I might not even get a second interview! You just don’t know.

Until next week my huns,

Xx C