The Secret PA : Day 951

Published on: 3 Oct 2013

I was right. Liz is finding this job harder than she’s expected. She finally fessed up (after 2 glasses of wine with Whiz Girl and myself at the pub) to struggling and not being quite so sure how to please Scarlet. 

She seemed quite breezy when she first joined but now she just looks stressed. She’s not had that much experience as a PA and having to look after three Directors while I was on holiday was clearly not something she was prepared for. Before I went she seemed so confident that I was actually worried she was trying to oust me from my seat here.

That said, Scarlet and Tie Max were clearly impressed with her efforts and said I’d prepped her well

Did I only train her on things I was comfortable with sharing responsibility for but without missing anything requested by the bosses? Guilty as charged.

Am I worried? Perhaps a little. She seems to be slowly eating into my repertoire one task at a time and is now assisting Scarlet and Mr. T. It’s like the boss to PA ratio has gone from 2: 1 to 1.5 : 1.5 and I can’t say I like it.

But that’s not the only thing that’s changed around here. Tech has advanced while I was away, everyone and everything seems a bit more tecchie around here than it was in Pepper’s time. We’ve also been working longer hours. I don’t know if it’s holiday withdrawal symptoms or the smell of change but the atmosphere has become more charged with people moving faster, typing faster, and working though lunch which is something that for the most part only applied to the bosses and myself now and again. But something is amiss and I can’t put a finger in it.

I think I’ll find out soon as we’ve all been called into a company meeting with the Directors tomorrow morning. In all the time I’ve been here the only time that has happened is when Pepper announced his retirement. Given that it didn’t seem like any of the three Directors is retiring, I can’t think what it could be. I’m feeling a bit uneasy, confused  and anxious about tomorrow’s meeting. I keep telling myself it’ll be fine but the hushed voices of the bosses behind closed doors tells me something is up….

Will keep you posted.