The Secret PA: Day 850

Published on: 20 Sep 2013

Hello lovelies! 

Sorry I’ve been all over the shop between wrapping things up pre holiday, then going on holiday…..and of course the post break work mountain. It’s even more stressful when you feel the undercurrents of the cat next door, deviously eyeing your desk, waiting to pounce the minute you leave.

Ok, I admit, I’m being a bit melodramatic here and I know I shouldn’t be worried but it’s like Mr T’s PA LA Liz is trying to conquer my space one Director at a time. She looked really frazzled when I came back from holiday though, so maybe she is finding it harder than expected. You reckon?

Tie Max’s send off was a bit emotional for everyone, even him. It was a great party though and it was nice to get a mention at the end from Pepper for the effort I put in. It felt really strange to return from holiday to a different set of bosses – somewhat. Tie Max seems to be in an unusually good mood these days but I’m not sure if that’s his new cover for super stressed or the lingerings of a honeymoon high.

I’ve been on a bit of high despite the stress and the holiday did feel good. Nothing like a nice long girls holiday with plenty of wine and chocolate thrown in. Of course now there’s the post holiday pounds to knock off before Christmas so they can be topped up again ;)

Speaking of which, I’ve already got the ball rolling on Christmas Party plans but they’re on the back burner for now as we have quite a few events in the diary for October and November including the office bonfire night party. Did anyone read about the ‘Creepy Clown in Northampton?’ He made it into the national press which is what I found interesting. Maybe I should get him to come along to our bonfire night party?

Mr T has introduced some changes which involved moving people around the floor. Fortunately that did not include me, but unfortunately it did include the Curly Scarecrow who is now in my direct line of vision. But I’m totally cool with that. It’s purely professional.

Oh, there comes LA Liz, she looks harrowed….I wonder what this is about. Looks like she wants my help…which has happened a fair few times since I returned – I can’t say I’m not pleased that she is asking for help

Got to run but have a lovely weekend all! We’re supposed be having better weather this weekend – at least in London