The Secret PA: Day 806

Published on: 9 Aug 2013

Mission accomplished, covert competition and a holiday over the hill 

Me: "I have a doctor’s appointment at 6 so I’m going to leave 20 minutes early but I’ll be back in to tie up a few things before I wind up for the day". 

Scarlet: "You can leave at half 5.30 you know, so why are you coming back? (with a grin). When the boss tells you to go home then maybe it’s ok to call it a day, right?" 

I guess that’s what happens when you work a few late ones. You forget what time you can actually declare it G&T o’clock in your world. With the wedding I had forgotten that I ever worked a regular-ish 9 – 5 job. It all went as planned even though I had Groomzilla to appease in the final hours. Luckily for me Bridezilla wasn’t my responsibility – wouldn’t have been so bad though given that she didn’t have a shred of Bridezilla in her!

Aside from the light shower in the late afternoon which caused momentary panic for the ladies in lavender, which included Tie Max’s mother and her two sisters: they looked like they had walked out of Downton Abbey and into the wedding marquee.

Quite a contrast to 20 something LA Liz who walked in after Mr T last week who’s the sole PA to Mr T. Am I worried? Not really but it is a bit unsettling given that I was PA to Scarlet, Pepper and Tie Max which effectively means that I am down one boss and we are up one PA. I am a senior PA and I had thought she’d sort of be my direct responsibility like Whiz Girl but I feel like I’m in the dark. She is ambitious and has been working with Mr T for a while which was why he negotiated her into his acceptance of joining the position. I wasn’t actually made aware of that until the Friday before she started, when the bosses called me in to a meeting. 

I’m sure I have nothing to worry about…right? 

To make things worse and better at the same time I just booked my holiday. Good because I could use a break. Worse because I hope the covert competitor doesn’t try to fill my shoes in my absence. Reminds me of that episode in Friends when Rachel goes on maternity leave and returns to find that her replacement has filled her shoes. Of course I’m only away for 2 weeks, and I am still Scarlet and Tie Max’s PA and the Senior PA. I should just enjoy my holiday right?


I’m quite excited about my holiday as I’ve never been to Canada. I’m heading there with a few of my friends from University. One of them moved over to Canada last year so there’s a few of us heading out from here. I’ll send you a post card ;) or two perhaps!

So glad it’s Friday but I’ve got so much to get through before I go away and Pepper’s send off is next week so it’s going to be manic. I think I might just lie in this weekend and do a bit of work from home just to make sure I have everything done before my holiday. I can’t believe last year this time I thought I had the perfect boyfriend and I went on the perfect summer holiday (2 actually, back to back!) and now I’m back in the Single Girls Club. How time flies!

Hope you’ve all got more exciting plans than me this weekend   Xx