The Secret PA : Day 794

Published on: 26 Jul 2013

Here comes the Groom, there goes my weekend…but Nouveau Poivre is here to stay

As you will have gathered from my manic scribbles last week, the big day has finally arrived for Tie Max which for me means the end of Project Wedding. How this will end, I have no idea but I’m hoping for the best. It’s this weekend so whilst I do get to put on a posh frock and fascinator to sip champagne and eat wedding cake, I will technically be ‘working’. It’s out in the country but in the afternoon so I’ll be heading back with a few of the others after and since Whiz Girl is training for a half marathon she will be the designated driver. 

It’s been a bit stressful but yet fun in its own way….and on the plus side, in the unlikely event that I chance upon meeting Mr. Right I’ve already done a test run of the planning and I’ve got the contacts.

This week has been a bit of a tedious one in some ways between the insurance claim for Scarlet’s car, the stress of the wedding bits and bobs and the printer that botched up a banner stand so my fuse has been a bit short and I’ve had to bite my tongue more than once. You’ve really got to sometimes; it’s just not professional to charge around barking but I managed to let off steam with a long run post work followed by a large G&T.   

It worked so well that I might add this run and G&T combo to my list of stress busters. Something tells me I’m going to need it next week. Just a feeling…but not sure why. Maybe it has something to do with having 4 bosses even though numero 4, the new Pepper is really going to be working in Pepper’s shadow and I guess his PA will work in mine? White shirt, Jeans, Blazer, rectangular rimmed glasses, clean shaven, sandy blonde hair and an American passport. Mr T – the New Pepper – is a classic case of surfer boy in a suit. He is also married and has his own PA, who has about half my experience and has worked with him for a while. She was an Administrator at the Media company he worked for in LA when he was still an Assistant Director and became his PA when he joined the board. I haven’t met her yet but I did meet him and he seems very process driven and slightly intimidating. Charismatic like Pepper but in a completely different way yet they both seemed to get on so well that I think Scarlet was well jel ;)

Anyway, I’ve got to go get my wedding planner head back on but you go get your Friday night hat on and tell me about it  #livingvicariouslythoughyouallthisweekend