The Secret PA : Day 787

Published on: 19 Jul 2013

Another week of sunshine gone by without a chance to soak it up despite having to run around town meeting suppliers. Luckily the hayfever is under control, as is the Marquee situation. The wedding is next week so the pressure is back on but the groom to be doesn’t seem to be getting cold feet- yet! As long as he doesn’t spend too much time pre meditating with Pepper. Plans are underway for his farewell and we’ve decided to run with a Hawaiian theme given the weather…

....and the fact that it’s just so him.We’ve picked a rooftop bar and got Leis (garlands/Hawaiian flower necklace) quite cheap online. I did think grass skirts might be pushing it as it’s an office do but when Scarlet suggested it I couldn’t really refuse so it’s going to be Aloha London!

We had a few more Pepper potentials go through boardroom this week but the search is still on. It seems none of last week’s candidates made the cut. We’ve had the 30 something corporate supermodel, the experienced stalwart in a tailored suit, the slightly arty and stocky younger version of Pepper, the post MBA Ivy League smart kid, and clean shaven pink shirt City silver fox…and oh! There comes the next one....Thin rimmed glasses, white shirt, jeans, black blazer and a lot of confidence minus the arrogance. And there he goes…to the chamber of truth… 

To add to my manic week I had to go on a rescue mission to retrieve a teenage girl and her suitcase from a country lane. Scarlet’s niece was visiting from France and borrowed her car to go see some friends in Sussex but it packed up on the way there and the insurance people wouldn’t come to collect her as the policy was in Scarlet’s name. You would think you’re paying a premium for the car and not the owner. Anyway, I had to go fetch her and take her back to Scarlet’s. Initially said they wouldn’t even do that as she wasn’t driving the car but my persuasive efforts paid off and they agreed to come pick up the car by the time she got there.

The Curly Scarecrow got a promotion and I just got a pay rise – albeit small – and today is payday! I really need a haircut and I could use a few new work summer dresses. I’ve set up a frappuccino fund for me and whiz girl where we allow ourselves a weekly treat. I’ve started running in the mornings as I find it really helps me hold off on the caffeine until mid morning and still be functioning 120%.

I’m looking forward to a lie in this weekend and planning my holiday. Barcelona isn’t on the list but a few other places are and it’s going to be a girl’s holiday…and Cuba is a strong contender at the moment.

Anyway, got to run – it’s Frappuccino Friday so I’m off to grab a quick one.