The Secret PA: Day 780

Published on: 12 Jul 2013

The Glastonbury tan is wearing off but I’ve managed to top up between the Summer Party, BBQ with friends and much needed G&Ts in the luxury of my garden…or ‘patio’ as the Americans would say (there were a few from LA at the Summer Party on Saturday)…which is really just a small patch of grass outside the kitchen with a folding sun lounger that I got on eBay. 

It’s been an interesting week with a well attended Summer client bash, a few ‘Pepper potentials’ in the board room,  a Hyde park gig and the Marquee people for Tie Max’s wedding going bust. So I’ve got to find a replacement and it’s no easy task with the wedding in three weeks. In addition to rescuing Tie Max’s wedding and an upcoming gig in Manchester, I’m also planning Pepper’s farewell party and bracing myself for a new Pepper who'll be joining us soon as he’ll overlap with Pepper for a few weeks for a proper handover. 

The first candidate was a woman in her fifties, very Doris Day and dressed in polka dots but bearing an uncanny resemblance in demeanour to Scarlet even though they didn’t look at all alike. She’s been a director at a Fashion company and was looking for a change having years of experience with fashion shows etc. Also very well connected in NYC and Milan. 

The next contender was a tall, lanky Brazilian in his 40s sporting black Ferracinis, a black suit, a red shirt…..and a tan that looked fresh off the beach. He had been an assistant director at an events company in Spain and before that spent several years organising gigs in Mexico.

Then there was LA Law as I decided to refer to him as because of his resemblance to Jude law with an American accent. He looked surprisingly young and had not yet been a Director but was extremely qualified for the job. He was well connected in LA but he wasn’t that well connected in the UK and I don’t really think ‘international events’ is on the blue print for this year, or perhaps the next few given the general status quo. 

I’m guessing there will be a fair few going through the doors before they settle because it’s a big decision since they did set up the company together. I guess one day the Scarecrow will grow up and step into Scarlet’s place but given that there is no heir apparent to Pepper it’s a question mark. Speaking of heir’s there is much excitement around here about the Prince or Princess of Cambridge and we’re actually hosting a royal baby themed event for young mums with infants and toddlers next week. It’s the first of its kind that we’re doing since it’s not really the typical audience we organise events for but we we’re diversifying and working with a few local crèches and amateur artists.

As for holiday planning, I’m still undecided. I was invited to Barcelona but definitely unlikely to take up the offer! It was at the Summer Party. Do you remember that Media and Entertainment Lawyer who I went to University with and bumped into at a Networking event? Well we do use the firm he works for which means seeing him every now and then.

Anyway, so he invited me to Barcelona where he and a few University friends have rented a villa for a week. He took my number – so far we’ve only communicated via work emails, my work phone and Facebook – and asked if I’d go out for a drink sometime. I said I’d think about it, wasn’t promising. We didn’t speak at length since I had to be on the go as we were hosting the event and I had my own bit of networking to do since a lot of clients come with their PAs. I heard from him earlier this week and surprise surprise…he was bailing on going for ‘a drink’ because ‘he has a girlfriend’ but ‘it was so hot at the Summer Party he was having trouble concentrating’. I was playing it cool given the fact that his firm is a client and I like to keep my work and personal life separate to the point where I almost being to feel like a super hero with a double life – I like to think of us PAs as super heroes in a way.  Still, it was pretty lame.

Anyway, I’ve got to work through some plans for the retirement bash with my co-party organiser… The one and only Curly Scarecrow. We’re doing it at a café down the road – a valid excuse for a frappuccino run  #itswork

Have a lovely weekend all....hopefully we'll have a bit of sunshine later.

More soon xx