The Secret PA: Day 751

Published on: 13 Jun 2013

I'm on my way back to the big smoke after 3 very productive days in the almost as big smoke (Manchester). We are now completely operational and the requisite number of sales and marketing personnel have been installed along with the rest of the technical and non technical backing. We also have a new payroll manager here in London. We hired her from GAAPweb which was recommended to me by the girls at SecsintheCity as it's part of the same network of job sites and I happened to mention to them that our HR manager was looking for a candidate. 

Something funny happened when I was heading up to meet the girls at SecsintheCity in Canary Wharf  for a quick coffee to discuss a potential project. If it wasn't so early in the day I'd have sworn the train driver was 'happy' in a 'high' sort of way.

Just before we pulled in to Canary Wharf his almost Santa Clause like voice came beaming out at the unsuspecting passengers: 

“The next stop will be Canary Wharf but I'm sure you all know that because I can feel how excited you are to go out and start the day at work. It is ten minutes to nine, not like it's 6 am or something like on that apprentice show.....” 

 By this point everyone was smiling. Nothing like a bit of early morning humour to break the monotony of straight faces. 

Banker Guy was always straight faced on the train. Hmmm....speaking of whom..I am now back in the single girls club. After not having heard from him in almost 4 weeks I get an ice cold text from him saying he 'isn't coming back immediately' and will 'chat with me in a few weeks'. He wasn't even man enough to call me. In retrospect sometimes it all seemed to much like something out of a rom com. It was a whirlwind romance...that's ended in cowardice. He's taking the path of least resistance and to be honest I think he's been quite selfish. Someone posted this quote from Bob Marley that read “The biggest coward is a man who awakens a woman's love with no intention of loving her”. Another one bites the dust. 

But I'm actually doing better than I thought because work is great and Whiz Girl and I get on well. The new girl in HR is also really nice and the bosses are far from horrible so I really can't complain. I guess those are the things that make a job worthwhile at the end of the day – the people, the thank yous and I do like the perks too! And the fact that I can always leave my personal life at the door when I walk in to the office, which is something I pride myself in having mastered and despite the whole crush on the Scarecrow I would never really date him. My don't date people at work policy has always worked in my favour so I'm not about to change that...which is why I almost cracked up in the lift the other day when the below conversation occurred with one of the new hires:

New guy: “Nice jacket”.

Me: “Thanks”.

New guy: “I like that military style coat. Maybe I should get one so we can have matching coats”

Me: thinking to myself #howrandom and smirking I give him the thumbs up sign – I am clearly finding this whole thing ludicrous but he hasn't caught on to that yet.

New guy: “But in a different colour...maybe a blue of something” (mine is cherry red).

Me: “Well I really wouldn't know where to find one since I don't shop for men clothes” (I can't get rid of the smirk but I think he mistakes it for a smile”.

New guy: “I shop for women's clothes. I mean.....(he goes red in the face realising he has put his foot in it)...

Me: (purely accidental and in jest): “Why am I not surprised”. 

I walked out of the lift chuckling but I turned back and said “I'm only joking”. He was smiling but red in the face. Whiz Girl cracked up when I told her.

Anyway, I'm going to get back to the project plan I'm working on so I can have it ready by the time we pull in to London. Hope you've all had a good week and have a lovely weekend all