The Secret PA: Day 737

Published on: 31 Mar 2013

If I didn’t know that there wasn’t such a day as ‘have a go at someone day’ I’d have sworn today was it. I would also have insisted that peacemaker and office calmer be included in my job description. Today was one of those days where our usually fairly cool office had turned into an overcharged pressure pot and I felt a bit on the edge.  

‘What did I ever do to him?’ Poor whiz girl. Apparently she passed the Curly Scarecrow in the corridor and he made a face at her and when she asked if he was alright he bluntly said “Yes I’m fine”. She was rather upset because she was certain he was pulling a face at her and she couldn’t imagine why. I managed to reassure her with a cup of tea and we got back to work….

...or barely had when I heard Scarlet and Pepper in the conference room next door talking in raised voices…..“How on earth do people manage to turn something simple into something that is so complex that it’s beyond their visibility and comprehension?”…..and then I heard the door open and I was summoned to bring some budgets over to them from Tie Max’s office. He was on holiday but I had access to the files.

I barely sat down when Tie Max said his phone had packed up and he had no sound but it was still within the warranty but he needed the receipt faxed to him. He was not happy as you can imagine. Then at lunch I went down to get the watch battery of Scarlet’s watch battery changed and they said it would take five weeks. Apparently it was because they had to seal it so it’s waterproof upto 200m underwater. You, know, so it’s safe for going diving at lunch, as you do!

And then I had to contend with Scarlet’s lawyer who bore bad news or in other words had ‘stuffed up’ again. She’s trying to sell a flat she had bought to rent out but they were falling behind schedule and she’s have to wait another week which meant having to contact the buyer and change the date for the 3rd time this month.

By this point I was running out of calm but the secret to professional success is good anger management and keeping a lid on your emotions. Luckily things started looking up because the bosses were happy with a presentation I had put together for their meeting up in Manchester and a banner stand we had ordered arrived and was looking good. Whiz Girl had perked up and we went for half price frappuccinos despite the not so frappe-ish weather.

Despite the ups and downs and the fact that I have not heard from Banker Guy in almost three weeks, I have been great. I went to see Gatsby last week and over the weekend I went for StarTrek with my folks and yesterday was ‘Orange Wednesday’ (half price tickets) so I went to watch Hangover III with Whiz Girl. Tomorrow I’m at a networking event and up in Manchester for a few days next week with bosses – hope the weather is a tad kinder than it has been these last few days.  

I’ve also got to sort out invoices and get budgets ready for Tie Max who is back next week so things are pretty hectic at the moment and I’m looking forward to a lazy weekend of doing nothing.

Hope you’ve all got something nice planned, regardless of the weather.