The Secret PA: Day 730

Published on: 22 May 2013

So much for the Sunshine…gone before it even settled for a cuppa by the feel of it. I’m quite envious of Scarlet…..she’s heading off to Cyprus for a week. She’ll be lying on a beach while I’m getting the new office set up in not so sunny Manchester. In a way I’m glad work is hectic, it’s keeping my mind off things and I made a new friend at an event a few weeks ago.

She’s an administrator in retail in Northampton and is looking to move to London. At the moment she’s doing shift work so it’s four days on and four days off so she spends the days off in London. She says the money is good because the shifts are longer but she really wants to move here and find a Secretarial job in fashion. She’s tri lingual (and speaks Russian) so I’ve told her to look at SecsintheCity and upload her CV there because they do feature multilingual opportunities.

I got the official promotion from PA to Senior PA this week as Whiz Girl passed her probation and is now a Junior PA, so I guess I could start thinking of planning my holiday…but at the moment I’ve been so busy with work and working on myself. I think we all need to find time for ourselves each day to focus on the things we want to achieve and as Nancy used to say, get the ‘Dolphins’ going (she meant endorphins) - so I started taking yoga lessons and going for a run twice a week….and I’m reading this book called ‘Empowering Women’ and I was so high on the ‘Positive Thinking’ I was reeking of it when I got in to the office according to Whiz Girl.

The other reason I haven’t planned my holiday is that I am sort of on hold. Banker Guy said he was moving back before the summer…but then a week later he said he thinks his contract will be extended and if it is he wants to stay on. He has changed his mind about three times in the last two weeks! Whiz Girl is having her own set of issues with her seemingly perfect boyfriend and I overhead Tie Max talking to Pepper and it sounded like he was getting cold feet. I seriously hope not because if he doesn’t it won’t be pretty. No one wants to re-enact Carrie Bradshaw’s –getting-stood-up-at-the –altar. Maybe Pepper is not really the best person for him to be talking to about this given that he has been round the divorce block twice #justsaying It’s like a cloud of anti-relationship has been cast over this office all of a sudden.

Speaking of which there they come now and Scarlet seems to be making her way here too! It’s the invasion of the Management armada and Whiz is on lunch so I’m the sole defender. 

Got to go. More later.