The Secret PA: Day 715

Published on: 30 Apr 2013

This post has been long over due, sort of like that credit card bill that had a way of getting over due without even telling you. I moved house and then went on holiday for a few days and then came back to find a note for an overdue credit card bill for a credit card that I don’t even use! Not sure what that’s about since I am very good at keeping things like that in order so it looks like I’m going to have to make a trip to the bank. I can feel my stress levels starting to rise and it’s only Tuesday!   

Things have been a bit manic at work lately which explains why I’ve gone AWOL for a bit. The bosses finally agreed on an office space up in Manchester which is where I’ve been over the last few weeks just trying to set things up. It should be fully functional in the next 2 weeks but there is still plenty of admin that needs to be sorted for the move but luckily I’ve got Whiz Girl to help. Tie Max’s stag do is pretty much organised and the wedding plans are going relatively well…or shall we say with minimal margins for errors and rounded corners instead of corners being cut. 

There’s been a fair few changes in the office, with people moving around and coming and going. Pink Streak has left and Raggie’s internship finished. Helper has moved back home to Australia so I guess we won’t be seeing any more of his post it notes about the office when things are fixed…..or helicopters in the canteen. The blokes in IT gave him a remote controlled helicopter which had a fair few rounds about the kitchen/lounge area at lunchtime courtesy of the number of blokes wanting to have a go. Whiz Girl and I happened to go there to make a coffee and voila! Boys and their toys. 

Clawly is back but seems quite changed and actually seems to like her job and doesn’t talk about leaving like she used to. She even seems ‘uninterested’ in the Curly Scarecrow. There’s a new bloke in Finance who decided it was smart to leave an invoice on my desk in my absence and couldn’t understand how it went AWOL by the time I returned to the office. 

I had a nice break for a few days in Brighton with the girls which was lovely but it just went so quickly. Scarlet and Pepper are up in Manchester for a couple of days this week and Tie Max is on Jury duty so in that sense things are a wee bit quieter. Some of the finance, sales and marketing teams are moving up to Manchester and new staff are being taken on so in that sense there’s been a bit of a restructure. I might have to look for a team PA for the Manchester office but for now it looks like I’ll be managing things from here. 

It’s so sunny outside today; hopefully it’ll stay like this over the weekend. Oh there’s Whiz Girl with our doughnuts and frappuccinos. Yum! Got to go get my caffeine shot before tackling some reports and sinking in to a world of spreadsheets.

More soon xx