The Secret PA: Day 690

Published on: 4 Apr 2013

As much as I love the sequence 4 day week- 4 day weekend – 4 day week it does result in a bit of a squeeze when it comes to fitting 5 days work into 4 days. Goodbye lunch hour, hello lunch bar i.e. 2 x cereal bars acquired via the kitchen vending machine with change collected from my purse, handbag pocket and desk drawer.

I also made two trips to Manchester before Easter to recci for office spaces before drawing up a shortlist to take the bosses to see. It wasn’t too hard to get it down to 5 because I had a pretty detailed spec. I won’t be spending a lot of time there but the bosses will make trips up and I will sometimes need to go with them so I did choose places that I liked too ;) Let’s see what the bosses think. Worst case scenario they won’t agree on any so it’ll be back to square one. That’s not unusual and when you have three to contend with….it’s hard to please everyone.

The Easter event went well and the intern’s gig was a bigger hit than I expected. It even went on to YouTube before midnight and a few clients are interested. Of course Scarlet wants us to own the relationship so essentially we’ll be working as her agent but then intermediaries play a key role in the way businesses develops today which is fine as long as your contract safeguards your spot in the middle. The risk is often that A and C will develop a relationship and you’ll get eliminated from the equation but that’s why it’s a key clause in contracts. And after all, we did give her the opportunity to perform and it was a company event funded by sponsors. The bosses are also well connected and we have the resource to support her and as they say “it’s all about the money honey” #cheesy  

The weekend went so quick, then again it always does when you’re having a good time. I spent it with family but we also had friends round as friends I grew up with were also back at their folks for the Easter break. Too much eating and too little exercise. I haven’t even been for Pilates in at least a month!

We did go shopping one day though which is exercise when it’s a marathon shopping day out. The best part was my bargain buy at Kurt Geiger. It doesn’t get better than 70% off really and I did need new pumps for work. I did go for a much needed mani pedi with mum after which was nice. A change from going with the boss where it’s her having a manicure and me writing notes. 

The only non relaxing bit of the weekend was Twitter’s April Fool’s joke that did cause me momentary panic.

For those of you who didn’t have the pleasure of being woken up by a text saying Twitter was going to start charging for vowel usage in tweets and then met by Twitter’s articulation of this new rule only to end up at the below, you saved yourself a few extra heart beats.

It was pretty ingenious though I have to admit. It’s been a while since someone came up with a good April Fool’s Day prank. I have to say that Grumpy Cat didn’t go down as well with me….and by the sounds of it with the bosses too…they were discussing it when I walked into work on Tuesday and they weren’t impressed. They were impressed with Twitter’s April Fool’s Day gag. 

Anyway, I’ve got to head over to HR…. There a bit of reorganisation and movement of sorts happening in the office at the moment…