The Secret PA : Day 678

Published on: 22 Mar 2013

When the arrival of a new printer becomes the highlight of your day you know you have well and truly embraced the admin side of your job. When you are surrounded by 5 others as you watch the printouts emerge stapled and hear a cheer it proves efficient admin is the backbone of every office. It needs to be done and it needs to be done right. To be fair it is a pretty cool printer. The staple feature is just one of the 40 features including a confidential document print option so you don’t have to dart to the printer before peeping toms get to it – quite important when you are the boss’s confidante.

I also had to co ordinate operation house move for Pepper which took most of Wednesday so I was glad to return to the office to find freshly baked cake on my desk, courtesy of Nancy. She just bought a new mixer and has wasted no time sampling it’s features. On Wednesday it was lemon drizzle. On Thursday it was chocolate and banana and there’s likely to be a few more to come. So much for my attempt to be healthy this week.

I wasn’t particularly good on Tuesday as we were taken to a Thai restaurant in Stratford-upon-Avon by a client and then Scarlet and I had dinner at a 600 year old pub The Old Tavern. The meeting went well and we were taken round to Shakespeare’s birthplace, Anne Hathaway’s cottage and the theatre to get a feel for the era and the costumes that the client wants to incorporate into the theme of the event. I have always enjoyed theatre and Shakespeare so I really enjoyed the tour and am very excited about this event and so is Scarlet. So much so that I started putting notes together that evening on the train home as Scarlet gave me a brief of next steps.

The event at the weekend went smoothly, except for one slightly tipsy boss but nothing gossip worthy. I met a few really lovely PAs: a legal secretary, 2 private PAs working for Entrepreneurs and 2 working in Fashion and one working for a Travel company. Networking is really important in the PA world because you never know where you might need a contact; always be helpful because you just might need the favour returned one day.

The intern Raggie’s last day is today and Pink Streak leaves next week. Clawly returns in a month so the temporary Clawly will be gone two weeks after the Easter break. She has got a couple of interviews lined up. I also got her to update her CV on SecsintheCity and link her LinkedIn profile to it.   

The bosses have decided to set up a new office in Manchester. Next week I have to go up to check out some office spaces and draw up a shortlist for the bosses. I’ve never had to coordinate setting up a new office so this should be an interesting experience. The bosses will still be based in London but there will be a small set up with a sales and account management team.

Oops, there goes my phone. I have to go for my weekly catch up with the bosses and then it’s home time. After working last weekend I am looking forward to a lie in this weekend. I might even have a skype call with Banker Guy. Not much to report on that front. It’s been a fairly dormant element of my life but I’ve just been so busy I haven’t had much time to really think about it to be honest.

Ok, got to run. Enjoy your weekend.