The Secret PA : Day 672

Published on: 15 Mar 2013

Thank god for Kleenex balsam is all I can say – Oh and Scarlet of course! Had it not been for her full box of Kleenex I might have had no skin left on my nose after the sniffles last week which would have been a bit rubbish since I had a meeting with Scarlet and Curly and Curly’s divorce lawyer and I had to trial the canapés for this weekend’s event (for which I did need my taste buds.

I worked at home on Monday and came in feeling better and then the sniffles crept back up on me. Luckily they came without the cough and fever so I managed to get everything planned for the upcoming Easter concert and this weekend’s event.

The event this weekend is for clients and it’s a sit down dinner. I am quite looking forward to it as some clients will be attending with their PAs so it will be a good opportunity to network. The bosses are doing a short presentation and Q&A over aperitifs for which I had to put together the deck. I do love Power point and even more so with the recent spike in spreadsheet usage that has snuck into my list of tasks after taking on the role of PA to the FD.

This ‘spreadsheet usage’ has now gone beyond the regular call of duty to include ‘wedding planning’ spreadsheets. Yes, you guessed it. Tie Max is getting hitched to his long term girlfriend and has a stag do that needs planning and he wants my help on the wedding bits. Hen do’s I have done. Stag do’s? Never. It’s going to be an interesting … project? experience? mission?!  I’ve started looking at destinations but suggestions welcome  : )

I’ve also had a few run throughs with the intern who is performing at the Easter event – her first big gig! I think it’s going to be a good break for her.

I’m glad it’s the weekend soon but not ecstatic since I can’t have a lazy day at home tomorrow because of the event but I do have dinner with the girls tonight and get to drool some more over stag do destinations and hotels tomorrow morning. Yay!

Next week I am going to Stratford upon-Avon next week with Scarlet to meet with a client who wants to do an Opera style event featuring Shakespeare inspired operas next month to tie in with Shakespeare’s assumed date of birth 23rd April). They’re looking at operas influenced by Othello, Hamlet and Romeo & Juliet, and Sir John in Love by Ralph Vaughan Williams (1929). We’ve never done a Shakespeare themed event so I am quite excited.

Anyway, got to run and grab a quick bite before my weekly meeting with Scarlet and Pepper followed by a catch up with Tie Max but have a lovely weekend all.

Talk soon xx