The Secret PA : Day 668

Published on: 7 Mar 2013

In anticipation of VIVA Forever in a few weeks the Girls from the Office and I have planned a mini pre Viva Party and as there are five of us, we’ve decided to go all out and actually dress a part each. Whiz Girl and I were invited to a networking event at the Theatre which included tickets to the show and I was gutted that it was a date we couldn’t make but as luck had it we got discounted tickets courtesy of the bosses – perks of the job! I really can’t complain. 

What I could perhaps whinge about is the sniffles that have had me go through several boxes of Kleenex this week and I had to work at home on Monday so as not to spread my germs.

Curly Scarecrow’s divorce is case closed but I have a feeling I might be engaged assisting the wedding planner for a certain to-be-groom whose name I cannot disclose at this point in time. I have known of PAs who have helped plan their boss’s wedding but in those cases it was the bride. I might have a rather interesting experience in store.

As for setting up a new office, it looks like the plans are going ahead but there is still a debate as to which of two locations it should be. As you may have guessed Scarlet and Pepper are both convinced that their choice of location is ideal. They do always come to a consensus so I’ll just have to wait and see.

My fulfilling of my New Year resolutions is going well. I think I have managed to get my head around the complex working’s of the mind of Tie Max, my accounting skills are getting better as I get through ‘Accounting for Dummies’, Exchanged 6 business cards at the last event….speaking of which I did actually make a more valuable contact then expected. Looks like my judgement and commercial prowess is getting better when it comes to choosing who to hobnob with at events.

I even found myself networking at a friend’s 30th a few weeks ago (unconsciously!). What can I say, it’s become second nature so I don’t go anywhere without business cards. Whiz Girl doesn’t have her own and I didn’t actually for 6 months until I asked and I do think we PAs should all have business cards.

In other news Clawly is back in a few weeks and The Scarecrow and Temporary Clawly were spotted having a drink together at the pub after work when the Girls and I went for a quick one….but they weren’t alone - Pink Streak and Raggie were with them. The four have been sighted together a few times over the last few weeks and the latter have been sighted alone over the last few months during lunch hour. Pink Streak is apparently leaving soon and Raggie’s time is nearly up. She came as an intern and then was given a short term contract. I think my rule about not mixing up personal and professional life has always stood me in good stead so I don’t think I’d ever change that.

We have a concert night coming up before Easter and we did have a situation involving a client and a Mermaid (sorry, his PA dressed as a Mermaid!) at a similar do last year but I haven’t had any such scandalous affairs to sort out since I’ve also started thinking about my holiday but we have a fair few festivals on so it’s all hinged on work as I don’t think I could go away and relax when it’s busy and we have big things on. I can’t believe I am in my 3rd year here – Time has gone so quick!

And so has my lunch hour! Eeeek. Hope you all had a good week and have something nice planned for the weekend. I’m going to a hen do in York and going to make the most of it as Whiz Girl and I have to work next weekend because we have an event on.  The bosses will be there too though and the intern is actually doing a gig. It’s the first time she’s part of one our events but I’ve got a good feeling about it.