The Secret PA : Day 663

Published on: 1 Mar 2013

With my briefing notes all done I was quite glad for it to be home time on Friday and I have to say the event was more fun than I thought….aside from the initial getting-lost-in-the-cold-on-the-way-there bit. I have an inherently bad sense of direction and my 3G gone AWOL which only exacerbated the problem. We were only attending the event to network….but there may be a deal in the pipeline as I made some good connections which Scarlet feels have deal written all over them.

It’s been a bit of an eventful week between various lost and found incidents. To begin with, we got a call from a police station saying that a projector had been found on the tube. At first I was baffled as we wouldn’t transport projectors around town. I then discovered it was actually a display stand that someone had taken to an event and left on the tube. Who left it is still a mystery but at least it has been found.

Other lost (and perhaps not found) items include spatial awareness and general sense of reality of certain persons in the office. Nancy always jokes about my slight lack of spatial awareness but then she told us what happened with one of the marketing manager’s at an event the other day. Apparently they were stood by a table and Lia suddenly turned and said she was going to go and talk to ‘that lady in the blue dress’. Nancy couldn’t see anyone in a blue dress so was really confused until she realised at the same moment Lia did, that Lia had mistaken a cut out of a person for a real person. Poor Lia, she went red in the face and thought she was losing her marbles. Whiz Girl and I were in hysterics when she relayed the story.

In other news, the girls from work and I have got discounted tickets to see VIVA Forever and we have a few new hires on the Sales Team who I need to book in for a meet and greet with the bosses. That’s one thing I find quite nice about the company. We are also going to set up a new office in another city soon so I might have a ‘big project’ coming up. Is a move on the cards in the next few months? Who knows.

Pepper has been working from home with conjunctivitis this week and the new receptionist was off sick for two day so Whiz Girl was filling in for her. This fluey bug seems to be doing the rounds by the looks of it. I just bought some Echinacea, Berrocca and throat lozenges in the hope it’ll ward off any illness. I don’t really take sick days and if I had to I’d struggle to not work from home. It’s hard to decide what to do when you’re sick because if you take a sick day you end up stressing about what hasn’t got done and will be waiting for you when you get back and if you work from home you feel like you’re under performing because you don’t get much done, so it’s better to rest and get better so you’re up and running at full steam quicker.

Speaking of which, I think I need to refuel with a chai latte before this conference call I have to go set up and be on with Scarlet, Pepper (who is working from home) and a client.

Stay well and enjoy your weekend peeps xx