The Secret PA : Day 658

Published on: 22 Feb 2013

When your week starts off with the arrival of 4 boxes of A3 paper, an invite to dinner with the bosses at a posh restaurant and positive feedback on a project you’ve just delivered you really can’t complain. I never thought I’d say this but sometimes I actually love Mondays. Especially when the weekend has brought nothing but disappointments including an out-of-stock pair of shoes the boss wants, the hairdresser taking an inch to much off your length, a hurried goodbye and an unfruitful house hunt.

The A3 paper crisis was a bigger deal than you would think, so I was very glad to see the A3 boxes bright and early on Monday morning.

I’m usually very organised but every now and then I feel like I am swimming amidst piles of paper so high that they’d give Renzo Piano a run for his money. Speaking of which, has anyone been on the Shard tour yet? I’m hoping I might get to once the Shangri-La opens; their event space overlooking the city sounds prett-tty awesome and we have a few biggies coming up over the next few months.

The client event I went to with the bosses earlier this week was great in terms of networking and the food wasn’t bad but it was in the evening and we didn’t get back from Dublin until late so I was quite knackered the next day. This evening I am off to another event, without the bosses but with Whiz Girl in tow.

Luckily this weekend is going to be fairly quiet, Scarlet is away in Paris so not much for me to do in the way of sudden emergencies. In other news, the new receptionist is getting on fine so far. No major slips but looks like she has a major crush on someone….take a guess. Must be something to do with the strategic positioning of the reception desk on the floor. Of course no one knows the inside story of this someone’s recent divorce. Then again, it was really more of a Ross-Rachel reality spoof than a tragedy and he has bounced back, or so it seems.

In other news, the intern didn’t make it through the audition but apparently it wasn’t her voice that got her eliminated but her song choice. She’s taken it pretty well and decided to start recording some demos and Scarlet has asked me to help with that because then we might be able to get her involved with some of the festivals in the summer.

I have also embarked upon a long-distance relationship as Banker Guy has moved to NYC for an undetermined period of time. Hopefully it won’t be long but seeing as he hasn’t been brilliant at texting of late I’m not sure what’s going to happen. This game of hot and cold and the distance he keeps putting between us when the conversation becomes intense is driving me nuts. And they say women are complicated. Was it too good to be true or am I just being paranoid? Only time will tell. Thankfully I have so much on at work that I don’t have much time to fill with senseless brooding.  

After two weeks of research and multiple drafts I finally got a deck that I’ve been working on signed off so that’s a relief and it looks like I might actually sleep again. Only kidding. Jokes aside it’s a pretty big deal because it’s for a meeting with a client we have been trying to work with for a while and it’s just round the corner so I had to nail it this week so I can start putting together the briefing notes.

In fact I’m actually going to get started on that once I’ve got a green tea refill. I’ve also got to do a briefing note for Scarlet for Whiz Girl’s appraisal next week and get some PO requests from Marketing signed off by Tie Max, get tickets booked for some of the sales team next week before rushing off to the doctor’s and then home to get ready for an event I am at this evening. It sounds like a fun one and I do like a bit of a dance every now and again and Whiz Girl is good company.