The Secret PA : Day 651

Published on: 15 Feb 2013

Thank goodness for work and weekends without work responsibilities. I now have sympathy for celebrity agents, after this weekend’s debacle with Scarlet’s rising starlet. For those who missed my last post this is the intern who got a call for a singing audition. I was the one entrusted with the responsibility of chaperoning her to the audition.

We got there, queued up and then found seats in the main hall to wait; but when we got flung into the “panic room” the floodgates opened. First she started freaking out about performing in front of the judges and started hyperventilating. Then she came out with ‘my boyfriend dumped me’ so near Valentine’s Day. There’s mascara running down her face and her perfectly applied makeup is all blotchy. Poor thing now has a makeup job that looks like something halfway between a Damien Hirst painting and Miss Havisham’s face paint.

I did feel sorry for her but I was fighting my own turmoil on the man front with Banker Guy having broken it to me the day before V-Day that he was moving to another continent. Not another city. Not another country. Another continent!

It’s not permanent but he doesn’t know how long for at this point. How was V-Day? For once I thought it would be a nice day but despite the effort on his part let’s just say it was bitter sweet with more bitter than sweet. For someone who can talk a lot I had actually run out of words, lines, even emotions to an extent I think. It’s time like these I’m glad my job is manic so I can drown myself in it and escape from the other life, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, after a lot of cajoling, consoling and several cups of tea I managed to get the intern to pull herself together and just in the nick of time. Whew! That was close. For someone who thought her luck had run out because her man walked out,  she actually did pretty well and her luck hadn’t run out after all.

Back in the office we had other shortages. I had to print off some mood boards for which I needed A3 paper and after 15 minutes of checking all the stationary cupboards, all the printers, Helper checking the storage room, someone else telling me to stick two pieces of A4 paper together I finally managed to locate some in a place I used to hide a secret stash.

Whiz Girl is usually on the ball with the stationery and I’ve never really had to ‘have a word’ with her about anything but this was a no no. It may seem trivial but it was something I entrusted to her because she had proved capable of doing a good job and human as we all are I couldn’t have this happen again. I always keep a secret back up for emergencies, something I did even before I had Whiz Girl and am I glad I did.

Other than that work’s been good and it’s helped take my mind off stuff. We have a few events coming up that I’m working on so it’s a busy few weeks ahead but that’s what I like about my job. I am looking forward to a lie in and a movie night in with the girls on Saturday though; it’s been a while since we did that.

Anyway, I need to run off to pick up something from dry cleaner’s for Scarlet, she has some posh dinner to go to with some clients and I don’t think she’ll take it kindly if I’m not back in time but have a lovely weekend and speak soon.