The Secret PA : Day 644

Published on: 1 Feb 2013

As someone who loves the race….not just the running but also breaking through the ribbon at the finish line I don’t think I have a very well developed coping mechanism for being mired which can happen to the best of us. You just feel like you’ve hit a wall or got stuck in a quagmire …the clock ticking away all the while.

Have you ever felt like one minute you’ve got it all under control and suddenly there’s one loose end that gets snagged in the tail of a rocket to the centre of the universe and all of a sudden you feel like you’re being dragged out to Jupiter or some such place of ostracism. As a perfectionist it annoys ‘Me’ when ‘Me’ doesn’t meet ‘My Expectations’. I tend to take it quite hard when things don’t go quite right.

So much so that I can be expected to have a sleepless night over it. If you’re back in the office mentally after going to bed it’s probably a sign you need to press pause and get off. All you workaholics out there will know what I mean. If you’re brain is on overdrive fuelled by stress it will actually lower your productivity in the long run so stress is actually counter productive. I am usually quite good at it and in fact have become Whiz Girl’s anti stress coach – the role that Nancy played in my professional life when I joined. Still, I have been quite wired and Mired this week – the combination is lethal.

On the bright side, I have found a replacement for Clawly who is away on maternity leave. I used the SecsintheCity talent pool and I have to say that being able to pick the candidates as well as getting applications saved me time and effort. I was speaking to Gemma, the Head of Sales at SecsintheCity and apparently 70% of jobs are not actually advertised! Seeing how many jobs are on SecsintheCity only makes one wonder how very many jobs there are out there. If you aren’t on SecsintheCity I’d say that’s definitely the place to be discovered.

I have certainly discovered a few good candidates on there myself as that’s how I found Whiz Girl and Clawly’s replacement – our new receptionist. The job title is where the similarity ends. She started off as a receptionist in a hotel in Hampshire and then worked as a hostess for a VIP lounge at an airport. She’s working to pay for her vocal coaching and is also taking up a course to train for the theatre – she wants to be a singer in Musicals one day she says.

There were a few candidates with similar experience and in fact one who had a fair bit of receptionist experience in The City but she wasn’t really very well ‘acquainted’ with the big players in our industry and she seemed a bit ‘over-keen’ about meeting celebs. I was afraid if she even met someone semi famous she might go in to star struck mode and behave like a groupie which isn’t a good thing. The other candidate I interviewed was from a Cruise Liner background. It was a tough choice between her and ‘Rose’ (the new hire).

Anyway, I’m back in the office now – had to go check out a venue for a client lunch with bosses next week – and I must finish this presentation which I have been having sleepless nights over.

Today home time is definitely going to be G & T Time!