The Secret PA : Day 637

Published on: 24 Jan 2013

So I managed to sort out my work Pension scheme this week –don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner. I also made it through the week – which was spent juggling more of Tie Max’s lists than Scarlet and Pepper’s – and with a greater understanding of the finance function and lesser spend on Chai Lattes (Green Tea almost all the way!).

I also ordered my copy of ‘Accounting for Dummies’ and have shortlisted a few potential online courses in Accounting. I’ll wait until end Feb to start that though as we have a lot going on at the moment with a tour we’re involved with just round the corner.

The holidays are already a distant memory and life is back on the high road at break neck speed. Clawly has left the building but her Facebook updates haven’t. As for the Curly Scarecrow, there’s not been much drama since he accidentally married his high school sweetheart in Vegas and has now filed for a divorce.

Aside from that it’s been pretty uneventful to be honest, so much so that I have actually begun to have drama withdrawal symptoms exacerbated by the fact that there is a wait for the new series of Downton Abbey. I have actually on occasion been compelled to watch Coronation Street and Made in Chelsea every now and then.

I have also secretly been tempted to look at the Private PA jobs on SecsintheCity every now and then…I have to say when I see the salaries it does make my jaw drop. And cool as my job is – very chuffed with a sizzling new desktop calendar from an Artist we are working with together with a record label – I can’t help but wonder what it would be like to work in a non-office environment. As someone creative I always thought I’d find working in Finance would be a struggle but I’m beginning to actually like the variety it brings to my job. Of course me working for an FD is very different to actually working as a PA in Banking like some of my mates from Uni here. They have a regular 8-5 job and the Blackberry goes off at 5pm sharp. Mine doesn’t.

Either way, I think whichever sector you work in, being a PA is pretty awesome. What is not looking so awesome is the travel disruptions :( 

Anyway, got to run to the bank and pick up a prescription for Pepper and then collect some props for a Snow themed Jazz concert. Fill you in on our Travel Troubles if we have any. Scarlet was supposed to be getting the Eurostar to Paris and it’s looking a bit 50/50 at the mo. Oh well, we’ll see. 

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow ;)