The Secret PA : Day 593

Published on: 3 Dec 2012

After a manic week, lost keys and other miscellaneous stress inducing events I was looking forward to a weekend of doing absolutely nothing. The bosses and an intern had other plans for me. We have an intern who has studied opera and is temping until she can find an opportunity to sing. With so many talent shows masquerading as popular telly, it’s possible to get a break if you’re good. After months of waiting, Rose was invited to audition in London.

She is very talented and the bosses agree with me. So much so that they decided that I should go along for moral support – they are needless to say working on a plan of their own because they believe she has the potential to be a star and she doesn’t have an agent yet. Let’s just say we have a fair few big investors looking for ‘music talent’ that will give them a guaranteed ROI.

When we arrived there was already an extremely long queue and it hadn’t started moving yet. There were families with kids, Mums and daughters, friends obviously doing a double act, people with their dog, instrument or other such accessory. Then all of a sudden.......

....we started being instructed to ‘bunch up’.

After registering, each contestant was given a sticker and a number and we had to wave to camera as we filed up the escalators. This was followed by loud cheering activities outside the main hall where we all had to wait. It was quite entertaining to see others practice their acts, some were clearly very talented. It was a medley of shimmery shiny showstoppers and less enthusiastic I-don’t-want-to-be-here and I’m-terrified contestants who looked like their parents had decided this was their calling.

We finally finished late evening but her audition went well, we’ll just have to wait and see.

In other news, Tie max has decided to tighten the purse strings this year so I am now organising an unextravagant Christmas party – It’s next week and the theme is candy striped gilded minimalism.

I also have to start the search for a new receptionist, must go ring the girls at SecsintheCity. I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas! Wait until you see the boss’s shopping lists ;) I’ll give you a sneak preview when I get a few minutes.