The Secret PA : Day 585

Published on: 26 Nov 2012

You know I was supposed to have my appraisal with Scarlet and Pepper a while ago.

Then it got pushed back and Scarlet was not amused by the ‘situation’. I created that resulted in having to make a change in her diary. I still can’t believe I locked myself out of my own desk drawer!

I was to have my appraisal on Thursday so the evening before, I stayed late to complete it. It took a while; after all I had to really think through my short, medium and long term career goals. Funnily enough, when I was almost done, Scarlet and Pepper came out of Tie Max’s office just as I was finishing and said they were just about to sit down and do their version of it.

The next day I was feeling a bit apprehensive because I wasn’t sure how Scarlet would react to my goals.

They were a bit far fetched to be fair. 

Picture this: Me struggling to find the key to my desk drawer where I had very safely hidden away my appraisal form the night before. A very safe place, so safe that even I couldn’t open it. After a really thorough check of my hand bag, gym bag and the pen stand/organiser on my desk I still hadn’t located it. That’s when I really began to panic. I had Scarlet hovering around me, Pepper wandering around nonchalantly and here I was unable to open the drawer with my appraisal form. Talk about failing at the first hurdle.....

I went charging off to HR but unfortunately no one had a spare key. Scarlet has a similar shaped key so I even tried to use hers but it wouldn’t open. By this point I am mortified and hoping the floor will open up and swallow me. It doesn’t. Finally Scarlet decides to reschedule and goes to tell Pepper. By 3pm, my body has gone into *cringe*. Sadly I have no paper bag to cover my head with.

The anti climax though is when and where it surfaced…..

I came in over the weekend to collect a dress that needed to be delivered to Scarlet. As I hadn’t managed to locate the key to my desk drawer, I decided to have another look around the desk where I spend a significant part of my life. Something told me to empty the desk organiser and voila, there it was. My very special key. ‘Feeling ridiculous’ doesn’t even come close to describing how I felt at that moment. I decided not to tell Scarlet about where it resurfaced, don’t want her to think I’ve suddenly gone a bit ‘ditzy’.

Now I have my appraisal in 2 days.

May need even more luck now ;)  x