The Secret PA : Day 577

Published on: 23 Nov 2012

Despite my concerns last week I actually did make it through the week unscathed as I started to learn the complex and statistical mind of Tie Max.

Then of course there’s the Christmas shopping – can’t deny the fact that I am a pathological shopper and at least I know the preferences of two of my bosses. Still, there are some rather odd things on Tie Max’s list which I am not even sure where to buy.

As a result of taking on the FD Scarlet and Pepper bumped my appraisal to next week – I’m coming up to two years very soon. Can’t believe how time flies. Clawly is going on Maternity leave at Christmas and I have to hire a receptionist whom I will actually have to manage. It’s a maternity cover as Clawly is apparently coming back in the summer. Not sure how it’s going to be with me managing her when she’s back. She doesn’t know it yet though. We had a few internal applications for the role from interns but I’m using the SecsintheCity CV Database because they’ve got loads of candidates who will be perfect.

Find a new Clawly is definitely at the top my to-do list. So glad it’s the weekend, looking forward to a girl’s night on Saturday with some of the girls from work. I will also start Scarlet’s Christmas shopping since I’ve already got her list and I can do some of it online.

Next week I need to check out a few client Christmas lunch venues and I have an appraisal with Scarlet and Pepper….it got postponed (and taking on the FD wasn’t the ‘only’ reason it did) – Insert *sheepish smile* here – Long story….tell you about it in my next post.

Got to run, need to start reviewing some CVs for Clawly’s role.