The Secret PA : Day 573

Published on: 5 Nov 2012

Do you ever feel like you have to hide behind a façade to hide your inner feelings because that’s a sign of professionalism? I do, and I’m sure I’m not alone. The last week or so has been like that for me and Whiz Girl, and I suspect for Scarlet too. She’s had a pretty rough week and now the worry about her sister in New York. She is a strong person – more than I realised. I also realised she trusts me more than I appreciated.

I’m good at keeping secrets. Sometimes I think I’m almost too good because I so often hide my own feelings behind a cloak of secrecy because I think it’s unprofessional to show your emotions on the job. After all, which wailing banshee ever made it to the top right?

Instead of letting it pinch me though, I’ve discovered a few tricks to help me feel better. One of them is to always have emergency supplies like chocolate and instant chai lattes in my desk drawer. So where was I? Oh yes, masks. In the literal sense, Scarlet and I weren’t the only ones hiding behind a mask.

Most of the office were and some of them had really scary ones, bought specially for our Office Halloween party yesterday. 

The party was a success and a great opportunity for those who work out of London to come and meet the rest of us and a chance for the new interns and graduates to get to know everyone. My cat suit outfit fitted perfectly and so did Whiz Girl’s. The masks were the best part of the outfit though, with silver touches and feathers. Sal decided to come dressed as Casper – bless her, she’s the kindest person I know – and the Curly Scarecrow decided to come dressed as Dracula (very original!). Scarlet – believe it or not – decided to come dressed as the ghost of Anne Boleyn. Creeepy…it was too real for comfort.

And there was a mixed bag of other characters – most with masks. Helper came dressed as an Egyptian Mummy and was unrecognisable at first, and one of the interns came dressed as Amy Winehouse. I wasn’t the only one who thought that was distasteful. Clawly’s costume was (I thought) in equally poor taste – so ghoulish. She dressed up as the ghost of Lady Sybil from Downton Abbey. Pepper came as Lord Voldermort. It wasn’t a bad outfit.

The punch was a big hit and no one got excessively drunk which was quite impressive. It was a late one too but surprisingly everyone was in on the dot the day after. Now to start thinking about The Christmas Party. Some of my friends are not having an office Christmas Party so I feel quite lucky t be having one.

We’ve also got a fair few gigs coming up and some Music Events with variety entertainment coming up for some A-List clients which I’m quite excited about but it’s going to be manic now in the run up to Christmas.

Oh, there goes my mobile. It’s Scarlet, wonder what it could be at this hour – it’s almost 10pm. This can’t be good.