The Secret PA : Day 571

Published on: 13 Nov 2012

Have you ever found something so funny that you actually had to excuse yourself because you couldn’t hold the in giggles? It’s probably not professional to be having a hysterics in the office when you are strategically positioned in the reception area which I was at the time it happened.

I was heading out to get Scarlet’s skinny latte (fuel for what she said was an important and urgent matter she had to discuss with me), when the Curly Scarecrow walked in looking a little …… frazzled. One of the blokes made a joke about his hair, it was really frizzy compared to the usual.

Fifteen minutes later I was seated across a table from Scarlet and my chai latte sat facing her Skinny latte when Pepper walked in. That’s when they broke the news to me.

Apparently TieMax’s PA had just resigned after having been there for 6 years. She’s met someone in Poland on her visit home a few months ago. I would never give up my job for a man but each to themselves I suppose.

TieMax is the Finance Director and recently won a Young Director of the Year Award. He’s very suited and speaks in bullet points – he’s also very good at firing out orders to get things done. When I first met Scarlet and Pepper I thought I had never seen any two people who were such opposites of each other. I hadn’t come across TieMax at that point.

To cut a long story short, I now have 3 bosses instead of two. Yes, you heard it. Three! Piece of cake I thought. I mean, if I could win with Scarlet and Pepper how much harder could it be with TieMax, right?

I have a feeling it’s going to be a bit more challenging than I expected given his personality and how he likes things done. He can be quite formidable, intimidating even. He is very tall and very straight faced, sort of reminds me of terminator if you can picture terminator in an Armani suit and Alfred Dunhill shoes. And of course a tie. He always wears a tie.

He also apparently can’t stand loose ends untied at the end of a work day and if it’s month end he is likely to go ballistic, I learned from his soon to be ex-PA, over lunch the next day.

So glad it’s Friday! And judging from my rant on Facebook I’m not the only one looking forward to the weekend. Going to get my nails done and a much needed haircut. I daresay the Curly Scarecrow reminded me that my hair needs a bit of TLC – but somehow it actually suits him, not everyone can look ‘together’ with a curly sort of mop.

Oh, there comes TieMax’s PA. Next week is her last week so it’s going to be a busy one for me, especially since Whiz Girl is in hospital having her tonsils out. I think I might do a lot of sleeping and listening to ‘Enya’ this weekend. Only joking, I can’t miss this party tomorrow; it’s a Downton Abbey ball in the country that my cousins and I are going to with our respective ‘chaperones’.

Wish me luck for next week, I think I’m going to need it. Especially with an annual appraisal with Scarlet and Pepper next week too! Eeeeek.

I think I’ll need a double scoop of luck ;)