The Secret PA : Day 560

Published on: 23 Oct 2012

Sorry for the big blog break peeps but it’s been beyond manic here (more so than usual). To begin with, Scarlet took ill while on a business trip to Brussels and was laid up in bed for nearly a week and then Whiz Girl came down with the flu. As you can imagine I had my hands a little full. I know I haven’t always had Whiz Girl but then there wasn’t as much to be done as there is now.

When they talk about the ‘Changing role of the PA’ I now fully understand what they mean – especially when I compare notes with my Great Aunt who was a PA for 30 years when she was younger. 

Still, despite the work I doubt I’d ever trade places with anyone – except perhaps with a celebrity PA ;) Speaking of which you’ll never guess what happened this weekend. A client was having a do at a club in Mayfair and I got to go along – since I now also get to manage a certain amount of PR as part of my job. Scarlet was in a good mood so I got Whiz Girl on the guest list too. That’s one of the perks of the job – especially when you aren’t earning in 6 figures and want a taste of ‘posh’ and ‘mayfair’.

I also entered their lucky draw at the entrance – since it was a work do I had business cards but I’ve started carrying them even at social events because you just never know who you might meet on a night out – it could be a valuable contact if like me you work in the music industry.

As it happens, we did make a valuable contact. Little did I know that I would be in the same room as a pop star/actress who just happens to be my all time favourite. I heard some girls in the ladies talking about her hair and learned that she wears hair extensions, actually. Whiz Girl and I were hoping to meet her (wishful thinking) so I was gutted that we didn’t get an introduction but Scarlet did.

Anyway, Whiz Girl and I got chatting with a group of guys who turned out to be (top fashion brand) models. The bloke we were chatting with lives in Chelsea and his apartment gets paid for and……apparently so do his parties! He invited Whiz Girl and myself to The Box! Yes, the Box! But of course we declined since we were there with the bosses, reluctantly though but work is work even if it’s a party in Mayfair. For those of you who don’t know, the Box is a really exclusive private members club where a table costs £3,000 and it’s open until insane o’clock. In the music business fun parties can often be part of the job but you have to remember that it isn’t a night out – simply a work event masquerading as one….just like our office Halloween party is going to be this week.

Which reminds me, I still have a few bits and bobs to sort out for it with Whiz Girl. Any of you having a party for Halloween at work? I don’t know what to wear yet but I have to get something soon. 

Better go find Whiz Girl so she can then go and collect Scarlet’s costume before 5 today.