The Secret PA : Day 554

Published on: 24 Sep 2012

What an absolutely manic fortnight it’s been. For those of you who didn’t make it to office* this year, I empathise because I didn’t either....

....Let’s just say that a missed train and a stiletto heel were involved, actually it was the other way around. We were on our way back from a meeting and Scarlet got her stiletto (pencil is more like it) wedged in the grate outside the offices where we had gone to meet a client and their PR team in Cardiff.

She hadn’t got a spare pair of shoes and decided she wasn’t leaving until we got the heel fixed. So off I went to pick up a new pair of shoes – the heel replacement would have to wait until I was back in London so I could go back and get her very expensive shoe fixed at a very expensive price.

Finding the perfect shoe for Scarlet in Cardiff was like looking for a Shark in the Thames – I was more likely to be eaten by a Lion in Covent Garden than find something she’d actually like.

Eventually I managed to find a suitable replacement but we ended up missing the train and didn’t get back into London until after 8. I had been hoping to pop over to *Office for a bit, but fate had other plans for me.

I did get some nice goodies though because Whiz Girl had gone on both days. I love the new SecsintheCity bags. Whiz Girl was quite chuffed to have seen Deborah Meaden in the flesh…..but most definitely not as amused as me to see Anna Wintour – whose doppelganger Scarlet could very nearly have passed off for. I can’t believe I actually got to London Fashion Week !

Ooops. Scarlet's calling. Got to dash…tell you about it later x