The Secret PA : Day 547

Published on: 12 Sep 2012

The good news is that Scarlet’s luggage arrived in as many pieces as it went onto the plane. All of it! 

The bad news is that they managed to get an oil stain on one of her soft top suitcases and I had to find a dry cleaner to remove it.

Luckily I mentioned it to another PA at a networking event and she had a similar ‘situation’ recently, thus ending what may have been a very long and odious search. 

Networking with other PAs is a great way to discuss difficulties you’re facing at work without divulging confidential information because you’ll often meet more experienced PAs who will have advice to share.

If you’re feeling stressed, it’s a good way to unwind and even find a shoulder to cry on if need.

But we may have the odd day where we feel like we need this Stress reduction kit.  

Networking + drinks + canapés is a far better and certainly more delicious option for stress reduction – not that I’ve used this stress reduction kit before.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt on the job it’s that getting stressed never helps the situation. It’s damaging to your health, it wastes time on worrying when you could be getting productive work done, and it wears you out – reducing your stamina.

Most networking events are hosted by venues with meeting spaces so it’s a great way to achieve two goals with one evening out – networking and venue scouting. And then there other events like *Office where you are bound to meet more PAs and suppliers, widening your web of contacts.

Don’t forget to carry business cards so you can connect with contacts you make there. If you haven’t got a business card, make sure you ask for a business card and connect with contacts after. When connecting, introduce yourself because 1. It’s polite and 2. Everyone you meet is likely to meet as many people as you and they may not place you immediately. To ensure that they connect with you, I always send a personalised message with the request to connect.

You probably already have it in your calendar but in case you didn’t *Office is next week (12th and 13th September). I went last year but I may send Whiz Girl instead, or we may both go depending how the week goes. I have pencilled it in but you never know when some dire emergency will spring up out of nowhere.

The team from SecsintheCity will also be there – they said they’re going to be at stand 2033. And they’re a really lovely bunch. Their Editor is always on the lookout for more PA bloggers so if you want to be a blogger like me, do drop by and have a chat with them.

Ooops. Pepper is calling.