The Secret PA : Day 540

Published on: 5 Sep 2012

“I love my job. I love my job. I love my job. I love my job…..”. Honestly, I do but after having spent 2 weeks between the beach, the pool, the restaurant, swish bar or swanky club, and a comfy hotel bed, and not having to wake up at ungodly o’clock, I didn’t feel on top of the world when my alarm went off on my first day back. It was like some crazy sea monster showing up out of no where, reminding me that I was back to the world of manic work days, Scarlet’s mood swings, poodle primping and the shebang that constitutes my job. These long summer evenings and Pepper missing his plane, Scarlet’s lost luggage and the holiday hangover, don’t particularly help.

You know what the eerie part is? I had this really strange dream about work the night before I had to come back to work which really freaked me out. Did you ever watch that movie Freak Friday? You know the one where the daughter and the mum wake up in each other’s body?

I had a dream where I was Scarlet and she was me!! It was really weird but they say that what you’re thinking about before you go to bed often influences the dream you have, so I guess it was no surprise. 

I received a call from her about her lost luggage about mid day on my last day of holiday - which was really meant to be my recovery day, to nurse the holiday hangover and get over my jetlag. Of course she was in a real strop because she had arrived at Heathrow sans luggage, aside from her cabin baggage. They finally traced her luggage but I was still feeling stressed about it just in case they didn’t deliver it the following day. I’d then have to cart her suitcase to her house because she was going to Manchester for a meeting. 

Anyway, I’ve got to run, Scarlet’s luggage is calling me.

Hopefully it’s all in one piece…eeeek.