The Secret PA : Day 524

Published on: 17 Jul 2012

Ok, so it turns out that the Viva Forever shows open in November but it’s probably a good thing because I had a lot of impromptu engagements slip in to my diary thanks to family and friends passing through London, birthdays, networking events and the avoidance of a law suit by a client. 

Plus with less than two weeks to go for Scarlet’s holiday (and mine – I almost forgot about it!) there’s a lot of loose ends to tie up, including approve outstanding invoices for venue hire, lights and catering for our September event, bikini shopping, dinner with Banker Guy, take Scarlet’s dog to the salon, get a haircut and highlights, and the whole pre holiday pamper routine etc.

After last week though, perhaps a pamper routine won’t be enough – I might really need a full on spa day! First my laptop decides that it’s going to run at snail’s pace, then my phone line decides that it’s going to push the boundaries of my hearing range – and those trying to actually have a conversation with me and then Scarlet’s dog decides that her iphone is a fun toy to play with.

Just when I thought that I my holiday couldn’t come soon enough and that 1 week with the girls was not long enough the very-out-of-the-blue, or rather out-of-the-rain surprise happened. Any guesses?

I’ll give you a bit of guessing time and finish this later, just running off to collect Pepper’s dry cleaning and then stop by the printers.

Got to dash, more soon x